Upgraded, some questions now

Hey again everyone,
as I stated in a few threads I’m using an Aspire K1 starter kit as of right now. Well, just decided I really love vaping and wanna step up. Thought about buying the Aspire Sub Ohm battery an a nautilus 2, but not yet. I’ve got 25 spare coils to use for my K1 clero yet lol.
So me loving Aspire products, and me loving carbon fiber (I do drive Maserati after all haha) I’ve decided to stay with an ego pen style. I love this look and the boxes don’t really do anything for me.
So I went ahead and dropped 35 high speed shipped for a Aspire CF VV 1600MAH battery. I went blue this time, because why not lol. Goes from 3.3 up to 4.8V.
My current setup is 4.2V fixed at 1.6 ohms. I also have a Kanger EVOD Mega tank at 1.4 ohms as a never used spare just chilling on my table.
So, my questions are this.
1) I can use the slightly lower ohm EVOD Mega tank to change flavors and get a more aggressive vape I imagine.
2) 4.8 volts is hella hot right? What do you guys usually vape at?

adding volt meter to cherry bomber

Hey guys. I wanted to post up here to see if anyone has done similar with their dual box mechs and what results you got.

As a little background I’ve been using mechs for a bit now and am a firm believer of the simplicity. I’ve burned out 2 regulated divecies after a few months of putting them through their pase’s. Granted they where clones and probably not the best built chips im not a knocker just not for me anymore. So here I am been all mech for about 5 months now. Was fortunate enough to be given 2 authentic nemys from a friend and picked up a smpl as well. Couldn’t put the simple down,until my cherry bomber showed up that is ;).

So enough rant, anyway I’ve gotten very used to feeling when my battery drop off happened in my single battery mods. After using this for a few days I’m a little unclear of when that is with dual batteries. Its a little process of switching batteries on the go in the bomber. Rather then ripping it apart to take a ddm to the batteries, on board ease would be great.Hence I’m looking for a simple way to check on the go especially if heading out for a bit and seeing if I should carry batteries with me.

So questions are… On a parallel set up if I wire my volt meter to the bridge between both batteries, I should get an accurate voltage reading of what overall voltage is left from both firing batteries?
I started with new batteries on this box that will always be charged in pairs on the same charger and only used in this box. I assume I will get a pretty accurate voltage number if I keep the batteries cycling from mod to charger in this order.

Can anyone confirm if my ideas of how this works while trying to moniter 2 batteries in parallel? Or share your set ups of how you’ve added volt meters in your parallel boxes.

Thanks for any help in advance guys. Happy vaping

Looking for hardware upgrade suggestions

Hello everyone, i havent been on this <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ecf for over a year but i am in need of a new device and looking for recommendations. I have been vaping on a stingray mod with a igo-l for a year more or less. It has been amazing and has never let me down still fires like the first day i got it. I am now looking into upgrading to a box mod for more power. Ive been into tube mods so i know very little about box mods I have knowledge on ohms, builds, battery limits, etc. Some specs i want are: around $100 (150 if it is really really worth it), handles .3 builds, comfortable to hold, not to complicated to use, good battery life, not really sure about watts. ANY advice is welcome. I know this is a lot to ask for but i want something i wont have to replace for a while. Something strong and well worth the money. Thanks 🙂

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