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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 25, 2012

Former tobacco smokers are learning everything they need to know about electronic cigarettes from the new website The new website brings together the latest information on the electronic and vapor cigarette as well as reviews of the latest brands on the market.

While most smokers have heard of electronic cigarettes as a healthier alternative to smoking, many are finding it difficult to obtain definitive information from reliable sources. The new website aims to fill that void with definitive information and reviews of electronic cigarettes. “We have used and tested numerous brands of electric cigarettes for over two years in order to provide our findings to the general public so that they can make informed decisions about electronic cigarettes,” said an website representative.

In order to first acquaint readers with the nature of smoke free cigarettes (electronic cigarettes or vapor cigarettes) the website first provides a series of informative articles. Readers will learn the true definition of electronic cigarettes through detailed explanations of what they are and how they work. This includes their general construction and components as well as variations in type such as kits or disposable electronic cigarettes.

While the components such as the atomizer, cartridge and battery are discussed in detail, the articles devote a significant amount of time discussing the primary component of the <a href="”>liquids that produce the vapor. The variations in <a href="”>liquid types, the reasons why they are often healthier than tobacco cigarettes and the fact that some types of <a href="”>liquid carry their own health risks are fully discussed.

Once the reader understands the electronic cigarette, the website then provides detailed reviews of the best electronic cigarette available from the point of view of the website’s testers. “While the concept of what is the best electronic cigarette is dependent on personal preference and a host of other factors, we have tried to introduce some specific component, manufacturing, cost and health standards in addition to variations in type, <a href="”>liquid flavors and more that will provide readers with a benchmark to make a decision that best suits them,” said the website representative.


The website is quickly becoming the definitive informational resource on the electronic cigarette. Readers have access to detailed reviews of the top brands so that potential users can make informed decisions. In addition, the website offers a series of articles that provide detailed explanations of electronic cigarettes, their construction, components and health information.

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More people turn to ecigs despite lack of health risk info
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Ecigarette maybe harmful due to its flavored vapor
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The Ingredients of E-Liquid

After only a few years since they first came out in the market, electronic cigarettes are fast becoming a popular alternative to the regular tobacco cigarettes. One reason for the product’s popularity is that smokers of electronic cigarettes can control the level of nicotine they want in their smoke.

Electronic cigarettes allow users to buy E-<a href="”>liquid to refill their cartridges instead of always having to buy prefilled cartridges. Some smokers go even a step further by making their own E-<a href="”>liquid to have more control over the nicotine level and flavor, and also to save money.

The basic ingredients of E-<a href="”>liquid include water, vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol, and flavoring. Some of E-<a href="”>liquid ingredients are also used as ingredients in food coloring, medicines, additives, toothpaste, cosmetics, and smoke machines. When used in E-<a href="”>liquid, these ingredients are responsible for the “smoke” that is produced when you vape an electronic cigarette. You have to consult your doctor to see if you will no develop allergic reactions to any of the ingredients mentioned above.

If you want to make your own E-<a href="”>liquid for your electronic cigarettes, prepare the following ingredients:

Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin. Buy them in their food grade version, otherwise don’t use them. You can buy these in stores or online in sizes that range from six to sixty ml. They don’t come with nicotine or flavoring.  

Flavoring. Capella Flavor drops and Lorann oils produce flavourings that don’t have oil content, allowing your electronic cigarette atomizer to last long.

Distilled Water. Avoid using tap water because it contains additives. You may use filtered water, although distilled water is always the most preferable.

Various Additives. Herbs and other additives help augment your E-<a href="”>liquid’s flavor.

Nicotine <a href="”>liquid: Commercial nicotine <a href="”>liquid is available both in store and online. Some smokers make try making their own, but instructions on how to are difficult to find. Your safest option is to buy commercial nicotine <a href="”>liquid.

Composition of E-<a href="”>liquid. Check out this list if you want to make E-<a href="”>liquid without nicotine:
–  Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin – 70 percent
–  Water – 15 percent
–  Flavoring – 15 percent

If you include nicotine, use these ratios:
–  Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin – 60 percent
–  Nicotine <a href="”>liquid (50 mg) – 20 percent
–  Water – 10 percent
–  Flavoring – 10 percent

In mixing your own E-<a href="”>liquid for your electronic cigarettes, be aware that nicotine poisoning is highly possible if you are not careful. Nicotine is poisonous and toxic. Use protective goggles and gloves when handling nicotine and keep it away from the reach of children and pets.

<a target="_blank" href="” title=”e-<a href="”>liquid“>E-<a href="”>liquid allows users of <a target="_blank" href="” title=”Electronic Cigarettes”>Electronic Cigarettes to control their own nicotine intake and their own fix. By buying the basic ingredients of E-<a href="”>liquid, also known as <a target="_blank" href="” title=”E juice“>E juice, they can already come up with their own <a href="”>liquid nicotine solution. Proper care must be observed in making homemade E juice because nicotine is toxic. e-cigARETTE510.COM can guide you in making your own E-<a href="”>liquid.

Just introducing myself

Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I’m not new to vaping though I am a new member of this forum. I’ve been referencing this forum for any help that I have been in need of since I began vaping, which has been over a year now, and just reading this forum has been most helpful. I just recently separated from the army after 9 years of service which has giving me a lot more free time for hobbies such as vaping and to be more of an active member of this forum. I look forward to actually being able to contribute to the discussions on here rather than just stalking like some sort of creeper.

New with a box mod

So I am wondering how I would find the voltage my batteries are putting out with my multimeter. With my old re-build able I only had one battery so I would just test the positive and negative and get my answer how would I go about this with the 2 batteries. Would I add the total volts of the batteries? Example if I had to fully charged batteries at 4.2 with two of them 8.4?