EnviroForensics introduces Environmental Cleanup Strategies and Fund Recovery Options at The Clean Show

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Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) April 16, 2015

Every two years, the dry cleaning and textile industries gather at the world’s largest exhibition, The Clean Show, to learn about innovations in the industry, including their role as environmental stewards. EnviroForensics, the country’s leading environmental engineering and consulting firm addressing the needs of drycleaners, will greet the anticipated 10,000+ attendees, while providing valuable information on proactive measures and strategies for environmental cleanups.

Stephen R. Henshaw, PG, EnviroForensic’s CEO and President, will be in attendance to help drycleaning professionals navigate risk exposure, environmental remediation processes, and ways to keep a business running while cleanups are taking place, both financially and operationally.

Henshaw comments, “The Clean Show presents an amazing opportunity for the drycleaning industry to connect with environmental leaders and vice versa. There is a great need for these relationships to develop as we move into more stringent regulations imposed on the drycleaning industry. We have the resources to help and we certainly appreciate the exposure during this event.”

Dry cleaners face an immense amount of scrutiny in the public eye based on a history of utilizing chlorinated solvents including perchloroethylene (PERC) and trichloroethylene (TCE). Within the last few years, the federal and state governments have mandated more intensive regulations that require the drycleaning industry to remediate perc contamination or face large penalties. While most drycleaning professionals and commercial business owners are eager to move forward with improved practices and correct any damage caused in the past, the process of environmental cleanups and remediation can be overwhelming and costly. Many are caught between navigating the expensive fines for neglecting to cleanup versus the costs involved in environmental remediation. These can cost upwards of $ 500,000 depending on the perc contamination.

EnviroForensics presents a variety of solutions for smart, thorough remediation and will ensure that this information meets the masses at the event. The firm will introduce a number of options for drycleaners to consider as they implement any necessary vapor intrusion and soil contamination remediation. In addition, EnviroForesics’ field experts will address funds available through the government and old insurance policies.

Henshaw adds, “We’re here to ease the pain. We understand the complex challenges facing the drycleaning industry; between reputation management, best practices for the future, and the costs of cleanup, they are certainly in need of the support we have to offer. We’re committed to serving business owners and the Clean show presents a wonderful opportunity to introduce ourselves.”

The Clean Show takes place April 16 – 19 in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information on the show or EnviroForensics, call 866-888-7911 or visit http://www.enviroforensics.com/drycleaners/. Visit EnviroForensics’ booth at the event: 3371.

About EnviroForensics:

EnviroForensics provides advanced, comprehensive engineering and litigation support services to businesses, law firms and municipalities. The firm devotes itself to accurate, defensible work products on time and within budget. The team of engineers and scientists resolve environmental issues cost effectively to protect the long-term interests of its clients. EnviroForensics has offices in Indiana, Wisconsin, and California.

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Enjoy Vaping: Key E-Liquid Ingredients

A less expensive and relatively tidier replacement for cigarette smoking at this time is simply by vaping an e-cigarette. Former smokers notice that they do not have to deal with suffocating cigarette smoke, filthy ashes, and the stench that clings to their clothes and bodies after they smoke cigarettes. They still receive the same nicotine fix, however they could get that full-bodied flavor of tobacco through e-<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid form and Joye 510 kits.

The great news for vapers is common cigarettes is not the only flavor available. They can vape American tobacco, menthol, and flavorless varieties. Fruit-flavored types are also available, like strawberry, cherry, apple, banana, and blueberry versions.

People who want a taste of their favorite delicacy could decide among vanilla, chocolate, caramel, hot cinnamon, and cheesecake. Vapers also can try beverages on their e-cigarette with flavors like coffee, cola, and pina colada available on the market today.

Even though completely different in flavor, all of these have common ingredients that include the following:

1. Propylene glycol. This particular ingredient is needed in many merchandise such as a solvent, food additive, emulsification agent, cooling agent, and today, a vaporizable base for these cutting-edge varieties of cigarettes.

Propylene glycol is “generally recognized as safe” by the United States Food and Drug Administration when chosen as a food additive. It has a very low toxicity when taken orally or when vaped.

Quite a few vapers, however, can experience a number of allergic attacks after they breathe in this compound. They complain of throat dryness or simply breathlessness when they vape it. For those who are allergic with this chemical substance, they could still acquire this type of product that comes with an alternative base-vegetable glycerin.

2. Vegetable glycerin. This had long been employed in the food industry as a solvent, preservative, and sweetener. Now, it is made use of as a base of different e-<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquids and as a substitute for propylene glycol for those who are hypersensitive to it. It is an odor free fluid and is not dangerous to human health when consumed reasonably.

3. Natural and artificial flavors. Flavoring enhancers are employed to provide these cigarettes their distinctive taste. Isoamyl acetate produces the flavor and aroma of bananas, while cinnamic aldehyde, the flavor of cinnamon. Limonene produces the tastes of oranges and also the flavor of vanilla is given off by ethylvanillin.

4. Nicotine. For those who are not able to get through the day without their nicotine fix, they could still obtain it through vaping. The chemical is optional, though, and there are a handful of bottles which come without it. Moreover, a <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid which includes strong nicotine content is often watered down. Vapers that still want to have their fix of this chemical substance should utilize it in moderation as it is known to have harmful effects on the human health.

This kind of cigarette could be a healthy option to the real thing and is less expensive, too, due to Joye 510 kits. It has more complex components than the normal tobacco, however it is tastier and relatively healthier when nicotine is not incorporated. With an e-cigarette, the acrid smell of tobacco and its accompanying dirt will be a thing of the past.

Jennifer Minner is an entrepreneur who enjoys an e-cigarette occasionally. If you wish to find out more on this and about <a target="_blank" href="http://ezinemark.com/goto.php?url=http://www.kingpincigs.com/e-<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid“>e-<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid, check out the leading websites for these.

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Health Experts Angry FDA Still Doesn't Regulate ECigarettes
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Once Upon an Electronic Cigarette ? Evolution of the E Cig Story: Part 1

In December 2008, I wrote an article simply called, “The Electronic Cigarette Story”. It was at about this time that e cigarettes were making a big break from cover and being talked about for the first time all over the internet. An awful lot of people had no idea what they were at that time or what they were to become, including myself, I hasten to add.

So, from my own point of view, that first article was an origin story asking very basic questions and finding very basic and sometimes naive (understandably) answers. What are electronic cigarettes? What do they do? Why do they exist? What is the point of them? Topics that have been covered many, many thousands of times since.

I found the e cig to be a very interesting subject to write about even though I had never been a smoker and certainly had no interest in becoming one! What was my angle of interest? Why did it matter to me? Well, if you have read any of my previous articles on the issue, you may have heard me talking about passive smoking and about how my dad died from a passive smoking related lung cancer, having never smoked a cigarette in his life!

Many non smokers, back in the days before the smoking ban in public places, became angry, even irate at the thought of having to breathe in somebody else’s second hand, dirty smoke that was loaded with tobacco and toxins and having to pay a health price because of someone else’s decisions. I confess, I was one of these people. If someone smoked right in front of me on a bus, for example, and the smoke drifted my way, I would literally blow the smoke right back in the direction it came from! I mean, why should I have to inhale it right?

As I learned more about electronic cigarettes and learned that they contained no tobacco, none of the harmful toxins associated with tobacco and no smoke, I had found my angle! If these things were all they were cracked up to be, then they had massive potential. A cigarette with no tobacco!

New questions bubbled to the surface. Could e-cigs save lives? Could they help addicted smokers to quit smoking? Such is the complex nature of the electronic cigarette story, that many of these questions remain categorically and somewhat mysteriously unanswered and something that I will continue to look at in this new series of articles.

For advice about the electronic cigarette, please feel free to visit the website at www.totallywicked-e<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid.co.uk where there are forums and information pages to help you find some of your own answers on the issue.

9 Things to Consider Before You Try E-Cigarettes to Stop Smoking

Image from page 116 of “Danicorum monumentorum libri sex : e spissis antiquitatum tenebris et in Dania ac Norvegia extantibus ruderibus” (1643)
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Identifier: danicorummonumen00worm
Title: Danicorum monumentorum libri sex : e spissis antiquitatum tenebris et in Dania ac Norvegia extantibus ruderibus
Year: 1643 (1640s)
Authors: Worm, Ole, 1588-1654 Pass, Simon van de, 1595?-1647
Subjects: Inscriptions, Runic Inscriptions, Runic
Publisher: Hafniae : Apud Ioachimum Moltkenium …
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Digitizing Sponsor: Getty Research Institute

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Denarios hos aGnilhelmo Lambardo in d^^^amopAct^t^fcriptos inveni: c]ui horum 240 pondo unumasqvare: foli-dum autem anglicumqui hbrxviceiimaeftpars, duodecimcontinereairerit. Varia ac mira adhuc indics e tumulis ejusmodi eruun-tur. Non ita pridem in Dicecel] Ripenft, una cum urnis ef-iolla cft hafta lapidea ex fiHce affabre elaborata, qvam Natu-ra:anartis eftetopus dubitarunt qvotqvot eam apud me vi-derunt, In tra6tu Alburgenfi juxtaurnasferrumfemilunarepoli-tilsimujconvexafui parteacutum invenitquidam,qvodcumhacinfcriptionead medelatum: A^kola Agar^mfisfidedignm-icollem qvendam (edibiis Juis aujlralem ante Jexennium ^ in culturam,cum familia complanare cig orejfui eU, Mox in ollam quandam lute-am oJsibM quafi puherifatts refertam incidit) qv^lapidequodampfa-no ac lato inte^ebatur. Omnia diligentim perlufrans,ferrum qvod-dam nitidum iirpolitum inter d^tera invenit» noviluntifi^uram exhi*hens, qvod hifce inclujum transmitto. Miror equidem ferrumhoc, totannorum decurfti tcrrenae uligin

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9 Things to Consider Before You Try ECigarettes to Stop Smoking
“One, people think e-cigarettes will help them quit,” says Stanton Glantz, director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at the University of California – San Francisco. “Two, they use them as a way to get around smoking bans. And …
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Ecigarette maker: Study shows electronic cigarettes are less addictive than
Whether e-cigs should be regulated and banned from public areas the way most tobacco products are, has become contentious here and across the country. The health risks posed to users of e-cigarettes and the people nearby remain uncertain.
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