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Why does the GoPro hate you so much?
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'Maps to the Stars' Writer Bruce Wagner on Raising Hell with David Cronenberg
He asked for a light, he had a cigarette. It was Brian Wilson, during that crazy beach-boy sandbox period! They couldn't believe it — I got hundreds of dollars in tips that day — and I couldn't either because that was around the time there were these …
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TED Tobacco Launches New Online Services

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Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) January 20, 2015

TED Tobacco, a leading distributor of wholesale tobacco and other products, announces the launch of their new e-commerce website and online store ( The website and online catalog was designed specifically with consumers in mind, and makes their entire line of products available for retail purchase, including roll-your-own (RYO) tobacco, tubes, hookah tobacco (shisha), cigars, and more.

“We at TED are extremely excited about this next chapter in our successful evolution,” said Bob Fuller, President of TED Tobacco. “It’s been a wild ride, and after almost two years in development, our best-in-class website and online store finally allows us to reach customers and tobacco enthusiasts nationally, and we are actively pursuing distribution licenses throughout the United States.”

TED has also launched multiple social media campaigns in order to connect with retail consumers and better understand their needs. By utilizing a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and others, TED Tobacco will be able to tailor their online inventory based on the needs of its clients.

“It’s been well documented that interacting with customers through social media is an integral tenet of today’s digital business culture,” Fuller said. “TED Tobacco will maintain our competitive edge through our market-dominating online social media presence, while continuing to foster solid relationships with our followers.”

The new website includes links to TED Tobacco’s social media pages where company updates and announcements are posted. Customers are encouraged to connect with the company and participate in the buzz.

About TED Tobacco

TED Tobacco is a privately held wholesale distribution company specializing in tobacco-related products, and servicing retailers throughout Florida and the United States. To better serve its customers’ needs, TED Tobacco is constantly expanding our inventory to include a wide variety of nutrition, gifts, accessories, aroma, and other goods. TED’s corporate offices, primary warehouse and distribution center are located in beautiful Ormond Beach, Florida, strategically located on both the I-95 and I-4 corridors.

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Big Facts On Electronic Cigarettes Safety

Shenzhen, China (PRWEB) October 23, 2012

The electronic cigarette industry has evolved rapidly over the past decade and now has become a billion dollars market in the world. More and more consumers in many countries start to gain awareness of the products. The market development has always been with debates on the safety of the products. Many governments are watching closely at any safety issues of the product.

As the technology develops, now the hardware of the product is not a major issue. The battery, chip program and the cartomizer structure have become stable. The governments are now more concern about the safety of the E-<a href="”>liquid, the <a href="”>liquid used inside of the electronic cigarettes.

E-<a href="”>liquid is made of various ingredients. To ensure the safety of the products a company has to strictly control the production process and the resources. However to have the best ingredients a company will need to have the capabilities of ingredient extraction and separation from natural tobacco, which means multi-millions USD of investments on the facilities and many years of medical experience. According to Jide Yao, CEO of Hangsen Holding Co., Ltd, there are very few manufacturers in this industry having these facilities.

“Producing safe E-<a href="”>liquid is not as simple as buying the ingredients and mixing them in the lab, as you have no control of the ingredient quality in this way. It is very difficult to extract high quality ingredients, for example 98% pure nicotine. Every week there are clients flying from all over the world to visit our E-<a href="”>liquid production facilities. Unlike 2 years ago clients only care about flavours now they are asking more and more technical questions on the production process to comply with their forthcoming regulations. We saw that coming and therefore have the entire production process strictly controlled by our in-house software system, from tobacco sourcing, to extraction, to mixing. We are glad that we can work with most of the biggest retailers in the world to help standardize the industry.” said Jide Yao. He also gave us a tour in their factories and showed us how they produced the finished products. We were impressed by the knowledge and the facilities they have.

The safety of electronic cigarette has no doubt a great concern in the e-smoking industry. But first step is to have a safe product to comply with the local regulation. In our visit to the biggest manufacturing factories most of them concern us as they cannot reach the quality standard. If all manufacturers could prove to be the governments that they are capable of producing safe products, electronic cigarette industry could become bigger than ever before.

Hangsen is world’s largest manufacturer of E-<a href="”>liquid. The company is working with the top retailers worldwide to help local governments understand E-<a href="”>liquid and create regulations.

Penny Stock Runners – Electronic Cigarettes (ECIG), CANADIAN OIL (COSWF …

Penny Stock Runners – Electronic Cigarettes (ecig), CANADIAN OIL (COSWF
Electronic Cigarettes Intl Group Ltd (OTCMKTS:ecig) showing decrease movement during previous trade, it traded with the volume of 2.23M shares in the last trading session, as compared to average volume of 2.70M shares. … OncoSec Medical Inc (OTCMKTS …
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Drug pipeline: How crime groups infiltrate and exploit Metro Vancouver’s docks

Drug pipeline: How crime groups infiltrate and exploit Metro Vancouver's docks
Police say organized crime maintains this foothold on the waterfront for strategic purposes — so drugs and other contraband can be smuggled in some of the more than 1.5 million containers that pass through the four container terminals at Port Metro …
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Public Records
Ralph E. Mitchell and wife, Sharon Mitchell; Peggy M. Tedder and husband, James O. Tedder; Johnny T. Mitchell and wife, Betty Sue Mitchell; Billy G. Mitchell and wife, Judy Sue Mitchell; Margie M. Mendenhall; Vickie M. Chapman and husband, Michael …
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AP News in Brief at 5:58 pm EDT
The race was supposed to pass through Oberursel. "The result of the raid shows that our suspicions were … Flakka, '$ 5 insanity,' is increasingly popular synthetic drug kids are using with e-cigarettes. FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — One man ran naked …
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