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ECigarette Risks May Not Apply To The Average Vaper
One of the fastest growing trends in the United States (especially among teenagers), electronic cigarettes are often touted as a safer and less addictive alternative to old-fashioned smoking. But after recent studies warned that e-cigarettes produce …
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MI Senate bans ecigarette sales to minors following teen overdose
Since March 13, there have been at least four cases of students having seizures, including one on a school bus and even at school, after inhaling Darth Vapor through an e-cigarette. State crime labs tested the substance and list it as a Schedule 1 drug.
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Senate's ecigarette bill comes up short
Vapor, including second-hand vapor, from electronic cigarettes appears to contain fewer hazardous chemicals than smoke from burning tobacco. That doesn't mean it contains no hazardous chemicals — which is why Gov. Rick Snyder is right to push for a …
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Ecigarette <a href="”>liquid flavors may alter key cellular functions in lung tissue
Certain flavorings used in electronic cigarette <a href="”>liquid may alter important cellular functions in lung tissue, according to new research presented at the 2015 American Thoracic Society International Conference. These changes in cell viability, cell …
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General Vaping Discussion • sub ohm tank ful fit temp control mod speed 7 glass atomizer

Sub ohm tank ful fit temp control mod speed 7 glass atomizer
More details:

1.Adjustable Airflow: The air-inlet hole on speed 7 is enlarged compare to the previous version. In this case,huger vapor could be enjoyed while the device will not be too hot.One can easily rotate the regulation cover to adjust the airflow, the more the slot is covered, the less the airflow is.

2.Organic Cotton Wick: Pure organic cotton is used as the wick of RBA head, people could enjoy a more pure flavor when vaping.

3.Larger Diameter of Mouthpiece: Cloud vapor production is easily produced by speed 7 and the extended size of mouthpiece could make the inhale more comfortable.

4. Huge Capacity: The speed 7 have 2.5ml capactity, Can store enough e <a href="”>liquid, convinent for different vapors.

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General Vaping Discussion • support parallel series kungfu v4 dual 26650 18650 box mod

support parallel series kungfu v4 dual 26650 18650 box mod
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New KUNGFU V4 new smoking technology,Dual 26650 or 18650 baterries Switch Box mod,Put in Series or in Parallel,Greatness By Design.Unique and Original .

Features for Smy Kungfu V4 mech mod

1) Variable wattage, mini box mod design.

2) Adjustable electrode/top pin.

3) Use newest Aluminium Alloy material.

4) The cover can choose magnets or screw structure, Optional lock mode.

5) Dual 26650/18650 with mosfet switch.

6) Fit in all resistance.

7) Switch to series or parallel modes—real switch 26650 box mod

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