Health Dept., Some Vendors Support E-Cig Ban for Minors

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Title: The illustrated London news
Year: 1842 (1840s)
Publisher: London : William Little
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o.ampicd hvive-titu-es and k-geavs, and the ofiic-r oidv cscapt-.l with ■<:■: chihl in-,-ieiy 1-y literally paviiw his way tlnuaehthe e.e..r-,iot peeu.le whoI a i la d u]i every mom: of egress. the one pent with the child, and ab idtntiiltd at thai whirh eoiitaimd tlie -ulds clothes. The statement of the woman And.em- i; that she was standitgingone evening in the Haymaiket v.ith her two children,exmkmaii tifce-Mcd ber. puttinc. a -ietliuc in her hand, and beebo into a comer, and after some time promised I , hce-A identified by Urs. Hill as ; she mi;dt. if able, dispose cig abroad, lie neither n e child from ;e need only treat it as tby placing it in some in London on Satin-day last, on hir-hriime. and v,.-: ma.mined on Monday m; Rugby, ,vl u i t U I 111 1 ,i i l 1 ill SK The rvovii.ciLl C-eueil of Mibin ha- v.tod a stm of .V)ddf.On tlic.Hh insl. Fndcricvon Hammer, the hi-.imiai, eelobratcd FlRES es the Metropolts.—A fire broke out on Sunday on =rs. Taylor anil Greenii

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i. |l<r; 1 i t mm, ■ ;1. pi.-ie.iu ln;oi l ■<■■< ■• be ..roused. Tl:o ).,-i -.jii-.t,■il^.iirLl d.. ..r). Mr. (.ou.W V. i ..■ ,. .ai, ai.d w.-…-,e ■■■•< y,.u THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS M £&

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Health Dept., Some Vendors Support ECig Ban for Minors
e-cigarette use has become more and more popular for high schoolers in particular, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control. Use tripled between 2011 and 2013 and then skyrocketed in 2014, when 16 percent of 10th-graders and 17 percent of …
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Breathe, ecig Corp. Confirms 100000 Units of its Second Generation Product
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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 21, 2015

It can be difficult to start a business of any nature. Venturing into the legal marijuana industry, however, will most certainly lead to numerous challenges not encountered by traditional businesses. Green Rush Review, a marijuana business news website, identifies nine cannabis-specific factors that startups need to take into consideration.


When starting a cannabis related business, one not only has to consider whether marijuana is legal in a particular state, but also has to check for any restrictions on cultivating or setting up shop. In Oregon, for instance, dispensaries may not be located within 1,000 feet of a primary or secondary school. Building landlords may also have opposing views on starting a legal cannabis business on their property.

Physical Requirements

State laws outline numerous requisites needed for a cannabis company to operate. According to a Mashable article, such investments in Colorado include a digital seed-to-sale tracking program, 24-hour video surveillance of facilities, as well as a quarantine section for edibles.


Marketing cannabis businesses can be tricky, as they do not have the same advertising options that traditional businesses enjoy. According to Marijuana Business Daily, cannabis companies are restricted from advertising in TV, radio, print, billboards, Internet videos, radio shows, pop-ups, and flyers or leaflets among others. One therefore needs to be both careful and creative when marketing a cannabis-related company.

Storing Money and Paying Bills

As marijuana is still deemed federally illegal, marijuana businesses cannot typically avail of bank services. Cannabis entrepreneurs are thus left with limited options, and are generally left to transact in cash. Unfortunately, storing money in cash can be both a security and accountability risk. According to The New York Times, pot businesses are left to store their cash in safes, carry them in brown paper bags, and ferry them around by armed guards and armored vehicles.

Tax Implications

While the federal government may see pot as illegal, the people selling it are still left to pay their taxes. A CNBC article reports that the IRS does not allow the usual business deductions under section 280E. While the federal tax code allows deductions for the cost of growing recreational marijuana in Washington and Colorado, it does not allow deductions for the cost of selling it.


The marijuana industry is growing fast, and Esquire reports that jobs in the industry are everywhere. The challenge, however, is meeting special personnel requirements and finding employees who fit in with the company culture.


A marijuana business may benefit greatly from supporting or joining associations, organizations, federations, and clubs that promote an interest in the marijuana industry. There are numerous groups to choose from, including the National Cannabis Industry Association, NORML, and High Times.


There is always the risk of federal prosecution, even if marijuana is legal in a particular state. Although federal prohibition is not enforced on a state level, this may change at any point in time. A contingency plan must be developed in order to protect a business from a change in circumstances.


According to The Milbank Quarterly, tobacco companies have expressed interest in marijuana and marijuana legalization since the 1970s, and are modifying corporate planning strategies to prepare for consumer demand in the future. At present, big drugstore chains, cigarette companies, and other large businesses are forbidden from entering the still-developing marijuana market. At some point, however, this may change when the market normalizes and they wipe out small marijuana businesses. strives to be a convenient and reliable online resource for all marijuana consumers, entrepreneurs, and investors. The website aims to provide the general public with extensive coverage on news, opinions, and events on the multi-billion marijuana industry and culture in North America, including industry stocks, prices, implications, trend developments, investment news and legislation. sifts through the abundance of material on the cannabis industry only publishing high-quality information that is significant to its readers. is part of a portfolio of cannabis industry sites which includes (top medical marijuana company news) & (cannabis small cap stock news).

Companies seeking exposure on can contact editorial(at)greenrushreview(dot)com for more information.

Global Chemotherapy Induced Myelosuppression Analysis 2013: Worldwide Industry Share, Investment Trends, Growth, Size, Strategy And Forecast Research Report 2013

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Albany, NY (PRWEB) January 21, 2014

Energy Harvesting-Regeneration for Electric Vehicles Land, Water & Air 2014-2024

The electric vehicle industry – land, water and air – is rapidly rising to become a huge market of over $ 290 billion by 2024. Some run entirely on harvested energy as with solar lake boats. Others recycle energy as with regenerative braking of cars, buses and military vehicles harvesting kinetic energy. Others use different forms of harvesting either to charge the traction batteries or to drive autonomous devices as we progress to the wireless vehicle. In some cases, harvesting is making completely new forms of electric vehicle possible such as “glider” Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) that stay at sea for years and surface to gain electricity from both wave power and sunshine whenever necessary. Indeed, multiple forms of energy harvesting on one vehicle is becoming much more common from cars to superyachts. This report is the first to provide technical and marketing analysis of the rapidly growing market for energy harvesting in electric vehicles – land, water and air – with forecasts.

Browse Complete report with TOC:

This report gives a wealth of examples of energy harvesting in action on electric vehicles by land, water and air. It summarises trends in diagrams, tables and text to make it easy to compare essential information. Forecasts for adoption in 2014 and 2024 are backed by ten year forecasts for electric vehicle sales by type, 2014-2024 by category – number, unit value and market value. A critical explanation of all the technologies is given with the good and bad aspects and assessment of likely future progress. The work of a large number of suppliers and adopters is assessed.

Table of Contents


1.1. What is energy harvesting?

1.2. Choices of harvesting

1.3. Opportunities for energy harvesting in cars

1.4. Market size of EV energy harvesting 2013-2024

1.5. Largest sectors


2.1. Energy harvesting

2.1.1. Textron Bell helicopter sensing

2.1.2. Train brakes

2.1.3. MEMS

2.2. Electric vehicle

2.3. Needs

2.3.1. Range and cost

2.3.2. Hybrid vs pure electric

2.3.3. Biomimetics

2.4. Options and examples

2.4.1. ETH, QinetiQ solar plane

2.4.2. Amerigon thermoelectrics for cars, etc

2.4.3. Military land vehicles

2.4.4. NASA on Mars- planetary exploration vehicles

2.5. Bluecar

2.6. Nissan Capacitor Hybrid truck, forklift

2.7. Toyota Prius

2.8. Multi-mode harvesting

2.8.1. Alongside

2.8.2. Smart skin

2.8.3. EH in tire pressure monitoring

2.8.4. Issues with TPMSs using batteries

2.8.5. Energy harvesters for TPMS

2.9. Microhybrids


3.1. Photovoltaic

3.1.1. Flexible, conformal

3.1.2. Technological options

3.1.3. Principles of operation

3.1.4. Options for flexible PV

3.1.5. Many types of photovoltaics needed for harvesting

3.2. Limits of cSi and aSi technologies

3.3. Limits of CdTe

3.4. GaAs-Ge multilayers

3.5. DSSC

3.6. CIGS

3.7. Organic

3.8. Nanosilicon ink

3.9. Nantenna – diode PV

3.9.1. Nanowire solar cells

3.9.2. UV, visible, IR

3.10. Technology trends – electrodynamic

3.11. Vibration harvesting

3.12. Movement harvesting options

3.12.1. Piezoelectric – conventional, ZnO and polymer

3.12.2. Electrostatic

3.12.3. Magnetostrictive

3.12.4. Energy harvesting electronics

3.13. Electroactive polymers

3.14. Electrodynamic

3.14.1. Generation of electricity

3.14.2. Regenerative braking

3.14.3. Energy harvesting shock absorbers

3.14.4. Regenerative soaring

3.15. Thermoelectrics

3.15.1. Thermoelectric construction

3.15.2. Advantages of thermoelectrics

3.15.3. Automotive Thermoelectric Generation (ATEG)

3.15.4. Heat pumps

3.15.5. Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting in Japan

3.15.6. Ford, Volvo, Renault

3.16. Flywheels

3.17. Electromagnetic field harnessing

3.18. Microbial and other fuel cells

3.19. Other harvesting options

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4.1. Solar Prius

4.2. Webasto pioneers see-through solar car

4.3. Pure EV motive power

4.4. EH shock absorbers in trucks, buses, cars

4.4.1. Levant Power

4.4.2. Wattshocks

4.5. Regenerative braking

4.6. Electricity from engine and exhaust heat

4.6.1. Copenhagen bicycle

4.6.2. Volvo hybrid bus

4.6.3. Fisker Karma car

4.6.4. Tesla car

4.7. Cruise car solar golf cars

4.8. Ford unveils solar powered car with new system that tracks the sun

4.9. Vibration harvesting ATV in India

4.10. Piezoelectric roads for California?

4.11. Award for railroad energy harvesting


5.1.1. Example of US navy unmanned surface vehicles

5.1.2. Tamarack Lake foldable inland boat USA

5.1.3. Kitegen seagoing kite boats Italy and Sauter UK

5.1.4. Larger solar lake boats Switzerland

5.1.5. SCOD / Atlantic Motors high performance cabin cruiser USA

5.1.6. MW Line solar seagoing boat Switzerland

5.1.7. Unmanned boat gathering oil USA

5.1.8. Seagoing yachts France

5.1.9. Tag plug in hybrid large sail boat South Africa, New Zealand

5.1.10. Türanor PlanetSolar solar catamaran Germany

5.1.11. Energy harvesting superyacht UK


6.1. Swimmers vs gliders

6.2. Wave and sun powered sea gliders

6.2.1. Virginia Institute of Marine Science USA

6.2.2. Falmouth Scientific Inc USA

6.2.3. <a href="”>liquid Robotics USA

6.3. Robot jellyfish USA and Germany

6.4. Wind + Solar for ships

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7.1. Energy harvesting

7.1.1. Multiple forms of energy to be managed

7.1.2. AeroVironment / NASA USA

7.1.3. Boeing USA

7.1.4. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Switzerland

7.1.5. ETH Zurich Switzerland

7.1.6. Green Pioneer China

7.1.7. Gossamer Penguin USA

7.1.8. Néphélios France

7.1.9. QinetiQ UK

7.1.10. Soaring China

7.1.11. Solair Germany

7.1.12. Solar Flight USA

7.1.13. Sunseeker USA

7.1.14. University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd Germany

7.1.15. US Air Force

7.1.16. Northrop Grumman USA

7.2. Beamed energy


8.1. Energy harvesting

8.1.1. Solar powered charging stations

8.1.2. Alpha Energy USA

8.1.3. Beautiful Earth USA

8.1.4. Envision Solar International USA

8.1.5. E-Move Denmark

8.1.6. EVFuture India

8.1.7. Sanyo Japan

8.1.8. Solar Bullet train

8.1.9. Solar Unity Company USA

8.1.10. SunPods USA

8.1.11. Toyota Japan

8.1.12. Innowattech Israel


9.1. Largest sectors

9.2. Numbers of manufacturers



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