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Dear All

As high priority, I would bring you the newly released Furytank designed &manufactured by Anyvape . We believe it would a big success. Would you like to be the first to sell it? Don’t let the chance go.

Anyvape Furytank was invented in memory of Paul and Furious 7, features as a ultimate 5ml TOP-filled sub ohm tank of combination of the strongest airflow, most delicious taste, most comfortable vaping experience. It uses 0.3 ohm POWERFUL BSDC coil and RDA coil, adopts ¢6mm ultimate airflow and cooling fan on the driptip. BSDC technology ensures wider and well-distributed vaping coverage,thus creates bigger vapor and purer tastes.
Main features:
–Dimension ¢23x65mm
–<a href="”>liquid capacity 5ml
–BSDC coil (bottom scissor dual coil) and RDA section.
–Top filling, driptip with cooling fan function
–Stainless steel and pryex build
–Ultimate 0.6mm airflow

The detailed description of Furtank is as attached. Please check more product information at

Vape Furiously. "See You Again".


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