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Non-smokers always ask cigarette smokers the million dollar question: “What’s so likeable about smoking?” to which they mostly reply with: “What’s not to like?” There seems to be a constant battle between non-smokers and smokers. On one hand, the members of the first group simply can’t explain to themselves what’s so rewarding in inhaling and exhaling smoke into and from the lungs. They see it as a pointless habit, claiming it’s just a stupid smoke, which moreover, leaves you with bad breath, among other things. Cigarette smokers claim that you could say the same about football, that it’s just a stupid sport in which a bunch of people chase a ball.

The thing is that no matter whose opinion you support, everybody will always have arguments. Some are more convincing than the others, but the fact is that if you’ll ask a smoking “veteran” about his habit, he’ll give you a passionate speech. Non-smokers’ biggest concern is the health of those who breathe the burnt tobacco and probably smokers’ most common answer is: Why shouldn’t we do what we like, since people die anyway at some point? Some of them see non-smokers as cowards, afraid to do what they would love to, because of the aftermaths. It’s true that we’ll all end up six feet under, but it’s a matter of time when will this happen and it’s fairly silly not to dispose of the time you have left, deciding to throw it on the window instead.

Today, however, it seems that smokers and non-smokers have made a truce, coming to some sort of an agreement. How did that happen? The answer is quite simple – Electronic Cigarettes and E-<a href="”>liquid. Non-smokers persuaded smokers to start using Electronic Cigarettes together with the E-<a href="”>liquid. The cigarette smokers, skeptical at first, thought that buying Electronic Cigarettes and E-<a href="”>liquid would be a waste of money, since there was absolutely no way that such simple devices like Electronic Cigarettes and cartridges containing E-<a href="”>liquid would manage to successfully replace the average cigarette. Some of them eventually decided to try them and they didn’t regret the decision in the slightest. Not only the Electronic Cigarettes and the E-<a href="”>liquid with its colorful flavors proved to be worthy competitors to the cigarettes, but they are also ahead in this race, practically making everyone happy. The non-smokers no longer have concerns and the ex-cigarette-smokers-now-Electronic-Cigarette-smokers also give them a helping hand in spreading the word that there is a way to smoke without being worried that your internal organs would lose their functionality.

So far, the nicotine patch has been the only competitor to cigarette smoking, but with no visible improvements, failing to make a difference on the market. However, today, the three names feared by the tobacco industry are <a target="_blank" href="” title=”Electronic Cigarettes”>Electronic Cigarettes, <a target="_blank" href="” title=”e-<a href="”>liquid“>e-<a href="”>liquid and <a target="_blank" href="” title=”<a href="”>liquid Nicotine”><a href="”>liquid Nicotine, which offer a viable solution to the smoking problem. You can visit and find more about it.

New Ways Of Smoking At E-cig Online Stores

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The electronic cigarette, e-cigarette or e-cig online stores provide an easy access to what is becoming a popular alternative to tobacco cigarette smoking; the electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes commonly referred to as e-cigs in short, are little cigarette like devices that provide non-combustion nicotine for the same mode of intake as of inhalation just like ordinary cigarettes. These little electronic gadgets which were invented recently are designed to generate nicotine or non-nicotine filled vapor that can be inhaled through the mouth by a cigarette smoker.

Several manufacturers have turned to the production of these electronic doodads, and they are now easily available in many different models, styles, colors and sizes to suit almost everyones requirements and budget. Sourcing them from online stores can give one a wider scope and lucrative deals on just about all types available to choose from.

Electronic cigarettes just like other electronic devices have several units which work together to produce the inhalable vapor. The three basic units are the circuitry and power source in the form of a battery unit, the atomizer which is a heating unit that produces the heat to form the vapor and the cartridge that contains the <a href="”>liquid solution that gets vaporized. Cartridges, which are also the inhalers, are either disposable or refillable using nicotine solutions popularly referred to as the e-<a href="”>liquid.

Many variations of the electronic cigarettes in make, shape and mode of use are available from the same or different manufacturers. Most of these companies first provide a starter pack, which contains the one or two battery units, a battery charger, an atomizer or two, the user manual and sometimes a pack of free cartridges to get you started.

After getting a starter pack, all one needs to do is replace the cartridges as they get used up by acquiring more cartridge packs. Cartridges come in either high, medium, low or non-nicotine solutions to choose from. They also contain a wide choice of flavors, most of which are similar to those found in the ordinary tobacco cigarettes.

As with any other electronic device today, different accessories for the electronic cigarettes keep popping up every now and then; car chargers, USB chargers, carrying cases, external battery packs; to mention just a few. On top of providing the electronic cigarettes on the web, e-cig online stores will always strive to provide the latest information, new products and accessories as soon as they are developed and introduced in the market. The internet has really made keeping up with technology an easy affair for everyone.

A wide range of electronic cigarettes can be purchased from online stores. If you are looking for a good online store to e-cig online stores for bulk purchases, check out their online catalog for a quick purchase at:

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Smokers encouraged to abstain for World No Tobacco Day

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(PRWEB UK) 28 May 2015

Medical Specialists® Pharmacy are proud to support the annual global public health campaign World No Tobacco Day (WNTD), a day which is dedicated to highlighting the detrimental impact of tobacco and smoking.

For many years, Medical Specialists® have seen thousands of smokers come to them requesting the popular smoking cessation treatment Champix, in addition to other prescription medication related to the side effects of smoking – i.e. anti-ageing treatment.

It gets worse…smoking is also one of the leading causes of gum disease as it creates more plaque, but the risk can be lessened significantly by stopping smoking, and treatment with antibiotics, such as metronidazole or amoxicillin, could be recommended for certain types of gum disease – i.e. Acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis. Other dental problems widely associated with smoking include bad breath, tooth discolouration and even loss of bone within the jaw.

Therefore, the online pharmacy is fully supportive of anti-smoking campaigns such as WNTD and the British Heart Foundation-led No Smoking Day, which occurred on 11 March this year.

On 31 May each year, The World Health Organization (WHO) and affiliated partners mark WNTD by raising the multiple serious health risks linked to tobacco use, in addition to campaigning for the introduction of more efficient policies that will help to decrease worldwide tobacco consumption. For WNTD, all smokers around the world are encouraged to abstain from all types of tobacco consumption on 31 May for a 24-hour period.

Every year a different theme is chosen for WNTD to help generate a better global impact that almost everybody can relate to. Then, for the following twelve months, that particular theme comprises of the primary focus of WHO’s tobacco-related actions.

For World No Tobacco Day 2015, WHO are urging countries to join forces to help put an end to the increasing problem of illicit trading of tobacco products. Illegal trading of tobacco products is a serious worldwide problem that has major repercussions for society, stretching to health, legal and economic, governance and corruption.

To help understand exactly what the illicit cigarette trade is, or what falls foul of this, it is defined as “the production, import, export, purchase, sale, or possession of tobacco goods which fail to comply with legislation” (FATF 2012).

Generally, activities that are classed as illicit trading of tobacco products, and risk severe punishment, fall into three main categories:

. Contraband: Cigarettes smuggled into the country from overseas without any duty being paid.

. Counterfeit: Cigarettes produced without authorisation given by the rightful owners, in an attempt to deceive consumers and avoid paying for duty.

. Illicit whites: Brands that have been legitimately manufactured within one particular country, but smuggled and sold in a different country, with no duty being paid.

According to WHO, one in every 10 cigarettes, in addition to various other tobacco-based products used globally, are illegal, meaning the illicit trade of tobacco is a huge issue that needs tackling before it spirals to an even worse level.

The European Commission has estimated illicit trading in cigarettes costs the EU and their Member States over €10 billion annually in lost tax and customs revenue, and that roughly 65% of the cigarettes seized in the EU are discovered to be counterfeit.

Moreover, a recent study published in 2012 showed that illicit cigarette consumption across the EU has soared by 30% during the last six years, and was found to be 11.1% of total consumption in 2012, so there is a chance this rate could be higher presently.

This is why WNTD and other such anti-smoking events are imperative. WHO’s website states that Goals of the WNTD 2015 campaign are:

    Raise awareness on the harm to people’s health caused by the illicit trade in tobacco products, especially the youth and low-income groups, due to the increased accessibility and affordability of these products due to their lower costs.

    Show how health care gains and programmes, tobacco control policies, like increased tax and prices, pictorial health warnings and other measures are undermined by the illicit trade in tobacco products.

    Demonstrate how the tobacco industry has been involved in the illicit trade of tobacco products.

    Highlight how the illicit trade of tobacco products is a means of amassing great wealth for criminal groups to finance other organised crime activities, including drugs, human and arms trafficking, as well as terrorism.

    Promote the ratification of, accession to and use of the Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products by all Parties to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) and its early entry into force through the active involvement of all relevant stakeholders.

For those who would like more information about WNTD, including the major effects that illegal tobacco trading has on the wider society, and what people can do about the situation, WHO have created a fantastic online brochure titled ‘Illegal trade of tobacco products: What you should know to stop it’.

Medical Specialists® Pharmacy hope smokers all around the globe are able to abstain from smoking on 31 May, and wish everybody the best of luck. For longer-term quitting – as mentioned previously – the pharmacy is able to provide the smoking cessation treatment Champix for suitable patients. This treatment can be obtained by an online consultation with one of the Medical Specialists® GMC-registered doctors, by sending the pharmacy a private prescription.

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