Help – i’m worried my tank is about to blow

I have been using the Crius RTA V3 for quite a while now, and love it. Last week i dropped it, it started leaking so I bought another one. I built my usual simple coils, and got to vaping.

Now, the other day – I took the first drag of the day, and got a massive shock. As pushed the button on my mod and started pulling – the tank made a weird noise and started to vibrate. I knew something was very wrong so I released the button immediately. My mouth was filled with the most acrid, disgusting burnt taste. It was not a dry hit, the wicks and coils were completely saturated.

It has now happened a couple more times since then, at random. Other than that it has been working absolutely fine. I'm seriously confused.

What could be causing it to make this 'burning' sound and taste? I can actually feel the coils inside the tank 'vibrating' in my hand when it happens.

I'm freaked out. Has anyone experienced this before?

edit: Oh yea, the mod is a 50w iStick. Yea yea, I know, I know.

edit 2: Deck Pics – i have moved the coils closer to the posts in pic two:

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