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So Om Vapors sent me some of their <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice for reviewing. As always, I give honest information and I am not swayed in my reviews.





Ascension claims to be a pomegranate/raspberry mousse cake. I had never heard of mousse being a cake, but I guess we learn new things all the time. The scent from the bottle is a mixture of pomegranate and a bit of raspberry and, if you are as unfortunate as me and accidentally splatter some in your nose, vanilla/cream cheese.


The beginning of the inhale starts with raspberry notes that are soon followed by a blending of pomegranate that become a little tart at the end. The raspberry is a bit more like raspberry gel than an actual raspberry and the pomegranate is fairly accurate. On the resting phase the tartness blooms more on the tongue. The exhale is a dull vanilla fairly light in intensity with a medium cream type of flavor in front of it. The exhale ends with a touch of pomegranate and a light raspberry tone.


Lower wattage settings reduce the tartness, while higher wattage settings thin the density of the cream. Unfortunately I never tasted anything "buttery" or graham like. The profile could benefit from a bright note somewhere in it as it feels fairly lifeless like a monotone speech.





Guava seems to be an up and coming flavor in <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juices lately and I like it. The scent of the bottle is a slightly candied guava.


On the inhale I get a slightly candied guava that has a little tart blip at the end of the inhale. Now I want to point out that candied guava and guava candy are not the same thing. Candied fruits are when you use heated sugar to preserve the fruit. So this means that the guava I am tasting is ever so slightly cooked and sweeter than typical but overall accurate to the flavor of guava. The rest before exhale allows more of the tartness to roll across the tongue. The exhale is a light intensity level of a dense pastry with a dense vanilla in front of it. At the end of the exhale I taste a little more guava.


I found that at the higher range there is a note in the exhale that could be interpreted as a note from cream cheese, but the pastry is pretty much obliterated at that temperature. Lower and mid wattage settings both seem to work equally well and provide the described experience. A decent guava vape, but not entirely as described.



Mindful Monkey


First I want to start off by saying that I am not a sweets or dessert eater in real life. I have never been even as a child, but I do have a very small number of exceptions to that. Banana pudding is one of my favorite indulgences and I have recently started looking for a good vape interpretation, so I was excited to see Mindful Monkey in a package from Om. The scent from the bottle is banana Laffy Taffy with a vanilla pudding behind it.


On the inhale I get a creamy almost authentic overripe banana that gets a bit of laffy taffy banana flavor at the end. On the resting phase before I exhale the creamy banana begins to fade out and I get an odd tiny blip of tanginess. The exhale is mostly vanilla pudding a tad behind whipped cream that lingers a little after the exhale is complete and then another small wave of creamy banana rolls over the tongue before it is all over.


I found that unless I ran at the higher wattage range the whipped cream flavor tends to overtake many of the other nuances of the <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice. Personally I find that while the basic elements of banana pudding are there, the layering is not working correctly and some of the notes are not correct. A decent <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice, just not exactly a banana pudding.





Nirvana by Om is touted as a blueberry doughnut surrounding a sugar glazed cake. The scent from the bottle is a cake and baked blueberry scent.


On the inhale I get a pastry like dough flavor with a light sugar note. Before exhale the pastry dough flavor starts to morph into a cake like flavor. The exhale starts with a glaze flavor with a light baked blueberry behind it. Near the end a cakey doughnut flavor develops and the baked blueberry increases in intensity and the glaze gets a little more sugary.


Personally I think that the whole profile needs more definition as it feels a little muddled. The flavor is consistent through mid and high range wattage settings. The low end loses what little cake definition there is.



The Cobra


The Cobra is described as strawberry, ice cream, whipped cream and cake crumbles. My wife thoroughly enjoys the room note and wanted me to share that with you guys. The scent of the bottle is strawberry with a little bit of cake in the back drop.


The inhale is a light strawberry that is fairly accurate but does have a light lean towards strawberry syrup. The inhale does have a melted vanilla ice cream type of back ground. Before exhale the melted ice cream profile settles on the tongue. The exhale to me is cake notes with more ice cream. The ice cream will tend to fade out at points of the exhale to allow the whipped cream to come forward.


I tried several ranges of wattage and the vape seemed to be fairly consistent throughout.



The Tiger


The Tiger by Om Vapors is not an Apple Jacks cereal vape, but more of a re-imagining of the components of the profile. Om describes it as sugar coated apples, grains, brown sugar, cinnamon and milk. The scent from the bottle is apple with a hint of cinnamon.


On the inhale I get a light apple flavoring that is fairly authentic with light notes of bakery style cinnamon. Before I exhale the apple comes out just a tiny bit more on my tongue. The exhale is mostly the cinnamon with a light milky backdrop that trails off to a lightly grainy taste with a touch of apple and leaves a dark note of cinnamon lingering on the tongue.


I really can't find the sugars that are described and the cinnamon unfortunately is the star of the vape where it should be the apple. Low wattage setting muddle things and lessen the already anemic apple. Midrange wattage is most balanced throughout, however higher wattage settings tend to add just a minor boost to the apple but hurt the milk.





Mantra is probably my favorite of the flavors from Om. Described as fruits with green tea and honey, the bottle has the scent of mango with the light perfume of peach.


The inhale starts with a well done mango with the aroma of peach coming in at the end with a light touch of strawberry. On my tongue before I exhale, the peach begins to develop a little more fully but never overtakes the mango. The exhale starts with a close approximation of green tea (or at least in my experience of green tea drinking), not really true to life as it seems a little darker with a touch of artificial-ness to it. There is also a light sweetness to it that I can't really designate as honey, but I am going to assume is what that is supposed to be. At the tail of the exhale the peach comes to play on my tongue for a moment before its all over.


This <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice holds up pretty well under most wattage settings as I could only get it to change under extreme low and extreme high wattage. While not a perfect profile, it is still quite enjoyable and certainly worth the price with the 70% off that has been running for a while.



Reviewed using: IPV3Li with Mage RTA twisted, dual coils @ .2 ohms and a Velocity clone with triple twisted, dual coils @ .3 ohms


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