One-on-One 20 flavours £10

Here's an intresting bargain this is copied off rainbowvapes website link below and yes I've ordered. For £10 intrested to see what I get, just hope it's not 18 bottles of kiwi and 2 bottles of strawberry [emoji23] [emoji23] but for a tenner I'll take the gamble

20 RANDOM 10MLS for £10 delivered (NO CHOICE GIVEN)
Due to the racking being knocked over the whole lot of the one on one flavourings have been mixed up, it would take days to sort them all out and we just don't have the time, so…

One-on-One 20 flavours £10

Any MTLers experiencing sinus issues with vaping?

Vaping has saved my life by helping me break a 20+ yr smoking habit that was aggravating my asthma to the point where my doc referred to me as a ticking time bomb. However, the only complaint I have is that with the pulling motion my sinuses have been a bit plugged up and bothering me a lot. I have been hydrating lots, using the rinse every day and vaping no more than 2ml a day but the problem keeps persisting.

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Cigpet ECO RDA – Quick Overview

Hey guys, I'm trying to make these posts more regular. I was aiming for the weekend, but only finished the write up today (Slow day at work on this sunny Monday). As always, there's a YouTube video of the review here:, sorry about the sound, seems to be only one channel working in random moments throughout the video. I have also uploaded a weird one-time drunk coil build. I wanted it to be staged and satirical in a way, but I actually got quite drunk so the whole video turned out a mess, albeit a funny one. Or at least I like to think so. I'm quite embarrassed but at the same time would really appreciate if you watched this video as well, it's only 3 minutes long: Apologies in advance 😀

So with the above out of the way, let's jump into the review.

GIF RDA Overview

What is Cigpet? Who are they? Well, Cigpet is a subsidiary company of iJoy, the company who brought you Limitless RDTA and a bunch of other goodies. I'm not entirely sure why they've decided to launch the ECO RDA and ECO12 Tank under this name, but they wanted to spin it off and I think it worked out well. I am genuinely interested in what's to come from this project.

GIF Top cap and adjusting the side airflow

Cigpet ECO is a 24mm RDA, with bottom and side airflows. It is 24mm in diameter and 41mm in height. It's quite tall for an RDA, but that leaves it enough room above the coils to cool down the vapour before it reaches your mouth. It also comes with a wide resin drip tip out of the box. And as a person, who recently ordered a bunch of custom drip tips for all of my atties, I appreciate this nice touch. Both airflows are adjustable, which allows for a variety of combinations. If you like it airy, you can definitely get a lot of airflow with both slots open, too much in my opinion. My go-to has been both airflows closed to about half, or side airflow closed with bottom wide open, making it a traditional bottom-airflow RDA. Flavour profile changes completely depending on how much air you're getting and which airflow you're using. I noticed that bottom is mainly responsible for base tones in liquid, while the side airflow opens up small accents. For example, I've been using VGOD Sourlicious liquid, which is a mix of watermelon with a touch of sour candy – with only the bottom airflow open, I get plenty of watermelon of the exhale, while if I close bottom and open up the side airflow, watermelon becomes muted and I get quite sour flavour; or with strawberry milk liquids as another example, bottom – milky taste, side – strawberry. Long story short, there's plenty of experimentation with airflow to suit your preference and I definitely like it.

GIF Build deck close-up

Build deck is quite unique. On the top it has 4 post screws in 2 holes, making it a classic horizontal deck. The catch is that there's additional two slots on the bottom of each post. So think of it this way, you can insert your coils horizontally in the 4-post hole deck; or sort of reminiscent of velocity decks, with one leg of the coil on the bottom and one on the top. Quite neat, makes it fairly easy to build on it. I, being not the biggest fan of horizontal deck, tend to build "velocity style", just because I find it easier to center coils. If you feel like adventurous, you can easily install quad coils in there too.

GIF Me taking close to 5 minutes to unscrew 4 screws

Now onto the biggest, in my opinion, problem with this RDA. While I find the deck great, the screws that they decided to use are quite atrocious. They're seriously the worst screws I've ever had to use in my vaping life. I wouldn't normally bring that small detail up, but it's such a big problem that I can't ignore it. First of all, screws are philips head, which I already not a fan of, the drives are extremely thin. Not even the screwdriver that came in the box could grab onto them without stripping the head completely on the first time I tightened them. Only the thinest screwdriver that I have in a separate set worked "kind of alright". Screws on the top constantly would come out at an angle and get completely jammed in the deck.

In addition to the problem mentioned above, the construction of the RDA is quite ridiculous. It has the top cap, the middle chimney and the bottom airflow ring, all detachable. Top cap is used only to adjust the side airflow, you can't even get to the coils if you take it off – for that you need to remove the middle part, exposing the whole deck. The bottom ring could have easily been attached to the RDA permanently, its only use is to adjust the bottom airflow as well, it's difficult to adjust while it's screwed in into a mod, and when it's not, you can't remove the middle part without taking the bottom off first, O-rings are that much stronger in the middle part. And if that's not enough, the bottom ring only will go on the RDA one way, you can actually try to insert it the other way round due to a little notch on one side of it, for a thicker O-ring.

GIF Bonus, just a pretty shot of colours changing while firing

My verdict:

I like this RDA a lot, I didn't expect much flavour, but flavour is actually pretty great. The cone shaped chimney helps with that as well as two different airflow holes. I will be looking forward to the future revisions of the ECO RDA, there's a lot of ground to cover, make it a sturdier device and replace the damn screws with hex grubs. I really like the looks, it's a shiny neat piece, with a cool resin drip tip. At the price point that is around £25 or $30 (I've seen it priced lower as well), I consider it a must have, even only for the sake of trying out a new project.

GIF Wicked and firing, nice amount of vapour

TL;DR Cons/Pros:


  • Well built, especially considering the price
  • Surprising flavour
  • Resin Drip tip
  • Generally Looks pretty good
  • Massive build deck, easy to build


  • Screws are dog poo
  • Too many removable pieces (Top cap, middle chimney, bottom ring, main part with deck)
  • Piggyback off the last one: O rings feel random, some are tight, some aren't, which furthers the problem with removable pieces

So thank you for reading. I really appreciate your feedback, seems that these small write ups are pretty well received, and that makes me happy, these are so much fun to make. For the review next week, I'm trying to get my hands on TFV12 and do a joint review-comparison of TFV8 Cloud Beast, Big Baby Beast and TFV12 in the spirit of "Fuck the TPD" 😉

Steamcerely Yours,


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Questions about Cc processors

Hello , new to reddit but was told this is where I can get some info. I have a E<a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice company that I want to take on to the interests. I am not a new <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice Co, have sold E<a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice for about a year and half in local brick & mortars.

My question is do you guys have a favorite card processor you use? Is there one better for vape sites than others?

Thanks in advance for all the help guys, also if you have any help with a good site for labels and bottles I would greatly appreciate. I normally use and vistaprint

Thanks Blue Wolf E<a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice.

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Daily Questions Thread [03-27-2017]

If you have questions about <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice, vendors, mods or anything vaping related, please feel free to ask them below.

Here are some helpful links-

Starter Guide

Everything I wish I knew about rebuildables

Infographic that every new user should see courtesy of /u/emergenl

/u/Jimmith's beginners guide to vaping

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Thunder Power Elite 55C 1800mAh 3S LiPo Pack Bench Test Results…only a poor performing 11C/19C pack

Bottom Line: This Thunder Power Elite is an overrated and poor performing pack for its factory rating.

Its internal resistance is at least 30% higher than the average of the other packs I have tested, resulting in extra voltage sag. Discharging this pack at its 99A (55C) current rating would quickly bring the voltage down under 10V.

CAUTION: LiPo's use the most volatile of the Li-Ion battery chemistries and can cause extreme injury if abused. Never use a LiPo unless the cells, wraps, wiring, and connector are in perfect condition. Never exceed the CDR of the LiPo unless you understand and accept the risks involved. You are responsible for your own safety, be careful!

My Ratings:

  • Capacity = 1800mAh

  • Continuous Discharge Rating (CDR) = 20A (11C)

  • Maximum Vaping Amps rating (MVA) = 35A (19C)

  • MaxSafe rating = 60A

  • Average Pack IR = 26.1mOhms

  • Average Cell IR = 7.4mOhms

  • Dimensions/Weight = 100 x 32 x 27mm/ 158gms

IR = Internal Resistance

mOhms = milliohms

Test results, discharge graph, photos: <a href="”>

LiPo ratings table: <a href="”>

All my test results to date: <a href="”>

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