Remember the easy atty stand tutorial, Here is one way to finish it.

For those that have never seen it or can not remember it here is a link where I showed you how to make a simple and cheap display stand.

<a href="”>How to make quick & easy display shelves.

Here is how it ended up at the time.
<img src="” class=”bbCodeImage LbImage” alt=”[​IMG]” data-url=”” />

After adding a couple of more levels I decided to recently finish it up. This is what…

<a href="”>Remember the easy atty stand tutorial, Here is one way to finish it.

TPD – Bargain Hunt Requests

Feel free to delete if not appropriate. I saw the idea of a 'look-out for' or bargain requests thread on one of the replies to one of the sales and it seemed like a good idea, so here we are.

Post what you'd like to find on sale and maybe one of us have seen it. (I'm still trying to find a quadflex kit for under £20 or some good B&H/Gold&Silver tobacco 24ml <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice on offer).

And in the spirit of the section, I was sent an ok deal from ecigWizard: Nautilus X + 2x 30ml <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice for £27 – great…

TPD – Bargain Hunt Requests

time to melt the internet TFV12 @ £19

better be quick TFV12 £19

TFV8 big baby beast £17

TFV8 baby beast £13.50

TFV8 cloud beast £20

TFV4 full kit £15

smok H Priv (220w)Kit £26…

time to melt the internet TFV12 @ £19

healthcabin postal worry

i might be worrying about nothing but i as most people have opted for cheap delivery but a sudden thought is haunting me. That usually takes 3 – 4 weeks but surely once it gets into UK postal system should be quick therefore most of that time is clearing customs in hong kong and then UK that means it will be past 19th May therefore won't be aloud into country. Can anyone put my mind at rest