Steezcake !!!! Now £7.5 for 60ml.. Now thats a bargain!!!

A fresh baked artisan cheesecake swirled in layers of fresh ripe strawberries, graham cracker, and sweet cream.


Steezcake – Strawberry cheese cake by the original creator of dotmod

Review by the Potv team
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Hyde Vapes
Address : 53 , Queensway Bayswater, London , W2 4QH

Opening Time : Mon – Sat :10am – 10pm Sun :11am – 11pm

Steezcake !!!! Now £7.5 for 60ml.. Now thats a bargain!!!

22mm Chuffs (Tugboat v2, etc)–where?

So, I'm planning to get the Petri RTA, and from something I saw online, it should take a 22mm chuff cap/drip tip, made for a bunch of including RDAs (including Tugboat, Mutation X, Plume Veil, REMentry, Troll, et cetera).

Hopefully it will actually work, possibly with some O-rings and/or sanding. But my main question is where to find them? I want them in interesting colors or something different. I've looked on eBay (boring colors), and found District F5ve (these actually look okay), and…

<a href="”>22mm Chuffs (Tugboat v2, etc)–where?