Got some joy out of watching one of "those" people get downvoted in r/all.

I browse r/all and here mostly, occasionally in r/all vaping will come up somehow, some way, but this wasn't as random as usual. Like 6 months ago I would constantly come across the hive mind unanimously shitting on vaping, upvoting comments of that goddam sentence our friends/family/asshole redneck coworkers have all told us. "Vaping is just as bad if not worse than smoking." Well, on the second or third post on r/all on a karma fishing post about a friend quitting smoking in one of those ironic subreddits, someone recommended a vape, two dudes said that goddam sentence along with a rec for gum/the patch and they got downvoted pretty damn hard. I haven't seen this before honestly, usually anti-vaping or neutral position.

Pretty fucking stupid thing to take some petty joy in but hey, I like seeing vaping not get shit upon and these unsupported claims straight from the persons buttcheeks get downvoted. I like any indication that vaping is becoming more accepted. this is it if you didn't want to shoot over to r/all. Ignore my stupid ass comment I was trying to karma farm.

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