Viperoo 50% off

Tasting Opportunity – Viperoo is giving you the chance to try our Shake and Vape UK flavours and find the tastes that you like the most with a MASSIVE 50% DISCOUNT CODE. Making a 60ml bottle of E liquid just £5.99
Free Postage on all orders over £40.
Offer valid from now until midnight Sunday 18th June 2017.
Happy Vaping.

Movkin Disguiser 150, £7.60 at

they're having a fathers day sale, 16 – 19th june
I ordered a vpark 150 two weeks ago from HC so I shouldn't get this.
Shipping is a bit high though, £6.70 for the cheapest method
They also have a fair few tanks at a decent price, digiflavor single coil £6.25
I've never used efun before, but read around and word is mostly positive.

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it does look cool, one thing I think might be a downside is maybe getting hot vape through…

Movkin Disguiser 150, £7.60 at