New performance data will be replacing my battery pulse discharge graphs.

For unregulated/mechanical device users it will make it easier to pick the hardest hitters. For regulated device users it will make it easier to pick the longest running battery.

The pulse graphs take a long to time to create and are hard for a lot of people to interpret and compare. This new data will be in the form of two or three numbers, easily compared when in a table.

So far I think the new data will be the internal resistance (IR) of the battery, perhaps the voltage for the first pulse at a standardized discharge current level (though the IR can tell you that), and the total watt-hours (Wh) delivered down to 3.2V.

The IR and first-pulse voltage tell you how hard the battery hits. The Wh rating would tell you how long the battery runs in addition to how well it holds up its voltage during the discharge. This benefits both regulated and unregulated device users.

There are probably a lot of questions but I won't be answering them now as some of this might change. When the new data is ready to be added to the first battery test result then I'll go into detail about everything. Hopefully before the end of the year.

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Problem with Smok Stick AIO

Ive had this vape for a while and for the most part its worked fine, recently I burnt a coil so I went out and got two new ones. The first one tasted burnt immediately so I changed it and the second has the same feel but it tastes like its not using any <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice and now I am not sure if its the vape itself or if I just have really bad luck, any help would be appreciated!

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