Eciggity 25% Off + a few other Sales

No one posted it and I should have taken the initiative earlier I suppose.

eciggity has 25% Off until the 22nd for your last minute shopping needs before Christmas. Check their website for the code. With this code they have the cheapest modefined Sirius, Voopoo Drag, and Smoant Charon TC in CONUS. Additionally the Super Tank Mini is $12.75, Crown 3 is $21, Dead Rabbit is $18.74, Bonza is $22.49, Digiflavor Drop is $22.49, etc.

The Cool Master diy Mini Tool Kit is $15 at Eightvape when added to cart. Thanks for taking that info from me last night when I posted it in ECR late night thread :p If you only need a tool kit it's cheaper at Eightvape than eciggity.

On the 21st the Tesla Punk will be $50.39 at VapeWild. That's the cheapest you can get it outside of waiting for it from fasttech. Shipping should be free.

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Last night, after yet another rule violation from Umba Vape, Om Vapors claimed they were a separate company and do not own Umbavape. They lied. Here is the proof.

Let me preempt this by stating this does not break reddit rules.

Public figures can be an exception to this rule, such as posting professional links to contact a congressman or the CEO of a company.

In addition all of the information provided below can easily be obtained from the companies websites.

For the record I don't care if a company wants to operate under multiple brands. Tons of companies do this. The problem I have is when they straight up lie about it.

Here is the now removed post by Umba

This is not the first time Umba has violated the rules of this subreddit particularly the 9:1 and spamming rules. I stated that since they were owned Om Vapors they should know better.

Om replied to my comment and stated: Separate company, Separate user, We did not make this post. We do not own Umbavape or u/UmbaVape

They could have just apologized or even stated they had a different social media person running it(though that is unlikely since they claim to be a very small company with no dedicated customer service team and the fact that Umba's account appears to be run, at least partly, by the owner) but they didn't. They lied and I thought that was a bit shitty to be honest.

Many of you probably already know this if you have been signed up to Om Vapors email list longer than a year or so because when Umba went live you started getting emails from Umba as well as Om without having signed up from Umba. They had to get their emails from somewhere. It was a bit e<a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice mafia of them but whatever. It was quickly established then that they were the same company. Om Vapors was selling Umba for a while before Umba got its own site Link to one of many posts where Om is selling Umba

They were also the only two companies to come out with WTA is years. They also hadn't been active in 3 days, weren't tagged and showed up in the thread to defend it. That just sounds like conjecture though, right? We'll get down to the nitty gritty in a second.

First, I want to point out this:

When someone posted a thread asking about OM, Umba chimed in and gave them a glowing review.

Pretty shitty, huh?

Now, if you go You can see they list a phone number but no address. The phone number is a North Carolina area code.

Now, if you go to the Umba Vape website here:

You get their address(UmbaVape 121 Dewey Drive Unit D Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356) but no phone number.

Hey, that's not North Carolina, maybe I was wrong. Lets keep digging to be sure.

Lets do a whois search:

Here is what you get from Umba: As you can see they've opted to hide their info via GoDaddy's privacy option

Here is Om Vapors: Theirs is not hidden and we learn something important here. The Registrant is Ben McCalla.

This is interesting because a representative from Umba goes by the name Ben here: <a href="<a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice_with_a_few_dollars_i_scraped/di4197c/”><a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice_with_a_few_dollars_i_scraped/di4197c/

Well, there is more than one Ben in the world so lets go even deeper.

If we look here: We can see the princial for Om Vapor LLC is Ben McCalla as we verified earlier.

What is interesting is we can see their principal address is: 121 Dewey Dr. Unit D, Nicholasville, KY 40356 the very same address listed on Umba Vapes website. Curiously, no info could be found for Umba Vape's business registration.

Seems fairly conclusive. Lets go a little further.

If we look at the documents provided on Om's websites like this: We again seen Ben McCalla of Om Vapor, LLC

Now lets go back to Umba and do the same thing:

What we find is Ben McCalla again with the same address and phone number as listed by Om Vapor.

It even lists Om Vapor right there as the manufacturer

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A great Vaping Biker battery orientation video for mech users

A great short visual safety tutorial by the Vaping Biker on what can happen if you run your battery positive side down in a mechanical mod, a subject still debated by our community.

Always follow the directions for your particular mod though! Different mechs have different designs and safety features.

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Vendor PSA: ALWAYS be ready for FDA inspections. They ARE doing them, and it won’t always be when you expect it.

We drew the short straw yesterday (a Sunday – sacrilege) and had an FDA contractor come in and inspect all of our Arizona locations (lab included).

If you're a manufacturer or retailer and you haven't watched this video, seriously, WATCH THIS VIDEO. It's painful and cringe inducing like all of their other webinars, but it helped to prepare us for this inspection.

I won't go into specifics here but if you have questions on what to expect, feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll do my best to explain how it went and the kinds of things they were looking for.

Overall, it seems like they are gathering information more so than looking to nail people on violations (other than ID checking and underage sales), so if you do get inspected, don't panic.

Anyway, just wanted to give our fellow vendors a heads up that they are ramping up compliance checks and inspections and if you haven't been inspected yet, I would expect it to be coming soon.

Big gulps huh? Welp, see ya later!

Edit: Just to clarify, this was a random inspection and we did not have any advance notice that the inspector was coming.

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Italy is succeeding at killing vaping Link is in italian, but basically, with the passing of this amendement all liquids, containing nicotine or not, are to be taxed (0,397€ per ml, so 5€ for 10ml, a little less than 500€ for 1l lol), vending of e-liquids on the web is not allowed anymore, no debt write-off to companies.

Don't you dare make easier to stop smoking am i right? 10/10 country not corrupt at all

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Adirondack Vapor’s Holiday Box Sale! + 99 Cent Peace 60mls + 30% off Juice + [Giveaway] inside

Adirondack Vapor's Holiday Box sale!



Hey all!

Were back to introduce our favorite sale of the year, the Holiday Surprise Box sale! We have decided to change things up this time in order to make sure everyone is getting some of their favorite flavors guaranteed when they order, on top of others that they may not have tried yet. Treat someone else, or treat yourself. They make a great present for the vapers in your family, or a "self-present".


Placid Infused: We had a great amount of feedback regarding our first flavor Peace. We are planning on releasing the remainder of that line in January, but in the meantime we are offering 60mls of Peace for just .99 cents! These are limited to one per customer. Now's the time to try our newest flavor if you havent yet for an incredible price. (For transparency sake, if you order a single bottle shipping it first class will be $2.99, so the total will be about 4 bucks for a bottle)

.99 Cents/60ml Peace


Special Starter Kit: We are offering the Joyetech Dolphin with a free 30ml of ADK <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice for just $34.99, quantities are limited. This is the perfect gift for anyone looking to help a smoker, or that just wants a simple but very effective backup device. Comes with everything you need to get started and your favorite ADK <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice.

Dolphin Starter Kit + 30ml


We will also be guaranteeing that any order placed by Tuesday 5pm Est will be in the mail with tracking by Wednesday at midnight. Meaning that if anyone would like to use these as gifts they will most likely be to you by Christmas (only domestic 48 states, not fully guaranteed to arrive before Christmas as USPS has delays at times)


sale Details:

  • sale Starts Now and Ends On December 25th At Midnight EST.

  • Code: HappyHolidays

  • 30% off on all <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juices (Excludes Combos/The Mountain/New Surprise Boxes/Peace/Starter Kits)

  • 3 Different Box Sizes:

     * Small Box: $34.99 with a guaranteed value of at least $70 * Large Box: $59.99 with a guaranteed value of at least $110 * HUGE Box: $89.99 with a guaranteed value of at least $175 


Heres How it Works:


  1. You pick your two favorite Adirondack Flavors from the drop down list

  2. We guarantee that those two flavors will be in your box (bottle size depends upon box chosen)

  3. We then create/fill the box based upon your favorite flavor choices, this allows you to enjoy some other favorites, or perhaps something you've never tried before!

  4. We then randomly put in random extra goodies into random boxes, random, random, random….

  5. Extra Goodies can consist of, a variety of Hardware/Tanks OR gift cards up to $100 OR Gift certificates to redeem a Mountain(750ml) OR T-Shirts and other apparel OR maybe just MORE <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice

  6. We Ship your box on its way to you as fast as we can via Santas Sleigh. (Shipping delays do occur during these box sales)

  7. ???

  8. Profit!!!!!!


Most of these boxes will contain far far greater than the guaranteed minimum value!!!

Discounts are ineligible for all Box Sizes


Here is a short list of possible items you may find in your boxes:

  • Hexohm 3.0 Box mod
  • SmokTech Priv V8 Kit
  • VooPoo Drag 157W TC GENE Chip with Valyrian Kit
  • Vandy Vape Pulse BF Box
  • Hcigar Towis Magic Box BF
  • Phalanx DNA250 mod by Chalet MFG
  • SmokTech Mag Kit
  • Wotofo Stentorian Ram BF Squonker Box mod
  • Therion BF DNA 75C Bottom Feeder Squonker
  • Digiflavor Drop 24MM RDA
  • Smok Alien 220W TC Kit with TFV8 Baby Tank
  • SMOK Stick V8 Kit
  • Suorin Drop Starter Kit
  • Various Tanks: Big Baby Beast, Supertank 25mm, Valyrian Tank
  • Apparel
  • Gift Cards ranging from $20-$100
  • Many other prizes, too many to list


The Giveaway:


Giveaway ends on December 25th at Midnight EST

Post this bear in a comment below ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Winners will be chosen randomly


1 Winner will receive a Mountain of their choice!!

1 Winner will receive a $100 Gift Card

2 winners will receive a $75 Gift Card

3 winners will receive a $50 Gift Card

5 winners will receive a $20 Gift Card



Shipping Delays

We have prepped ahead of the sale but please note that during big sales such as this one, there will be some delays in shipping times due to high volume of orders. Expect a delay of 1-3 (or sometimes more) days in shipping times. Also ALL Employees will be given Christmas Eve/Day off, so this may extend shipping times as well. Thanks for understanding!

Lastly, to clarify, the various shipping options that you choose is an agreement with USPS (not Adirondack Vapor). That agreement starts once USPS gets their hands on the package and scans it. Sometimes they will not honor the agreement due to delays.

That is all! Have a great Holiday Season!

~ Shane and the ADK Crew

Adirondack Vapor's Holiday Box sale!

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Bigglesworth Labs: Seasonal flavor sale, 50% off Valentine and Homeward, 20% off everything else, [giveaway] winners and more!

Hello my friends!

I'm so glad to see you all at this festive time of year. I've been decking my halls, shoveling my driveway, and jingling all the way, and I've finally found some time to sit down and organize myself to bring you guys a sale, some giveaway winners, and something special for today.

First, the giveaway winners. Over thanksgiving, I asked you all to send me pictures of your thanksgiving plates, and I have four winners for you:

/u/zf420 with the dank looking leftovers sandwich
/u/captainpigtails with the champagne of beers
/u/rshandroulette with what appears to be a serious looking crab cake lunch business
/u/permaslave spreading the TRUTH

I'll ping you all individually to set you up with your winnings.

As for the sale! I'm going to be doing Homeward and Valentine for 50% off for the rest of the year. Chocolate mint is one my favorite holiday flavors, and Valentine is renowned as one of the best around. Homeward is perfect for sitting by the fire, as the sensation of warm, baked apples and spices work their way through your senses, or just keeping you feeling warm when jack frost is nipping at your nose. Everything else in the store is 20% off, with code HOLIDAY2018. As usual, orders over $50 ship for free, and each order will receive a 15ml sample. Website:

For today's giveaway… well, some of you already know this, but I have some "new" flavors on the way for you all. I recently acquired another line of liquids, and will be re-releasing them to market shortly. I'm going to send 10 of you 2x60ml bottles for the cost of shipping. I will announce winners some time before New Years, and will likely ship them out within the first two weeks of January, at which point I'll be ready to give more information to everyone else about it.

Simply comment in the thread to be entered in the giveaway. Open to international (but be forewarned your shipping is expensive, still probably worth tho.)

I hope you all have a safe, happy, merry, joyous, holiday, and a prosperous new year.

Bigglesworth Labs

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Beware guys. Its a disaster waiting to happen: Rebel vape DNA167 dual squonker

Ever since i started vaping, 3D printed mods were on my list. So i saved up some cash and finally ordered a rebel vape's dual 18650 squonker. I had watched several reviews (notably jay haze and geekay vapes) and was prepared to live with a couple minor flaws that included a loose battery door. Anyway, i got it a couple of days ago and as i was busy with some work stuff i couldnt check the package. I opened it up today and was really pleased with the mod. It was smaller than i expected and really really light wait. I already had a couple of pairs of brand new vtc5a's to go in the mod. A whole day passed and i kept enjoying the beauty of this squonker. I was just so in love with it.

Here comes the shitty part. In the evening, my batteries were almost drained and had only 18% of <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice left in them. So i decided to change them up and insert a fresh pair. I open up the mod, remove the squonk bottle and try to remove the batteries. As i am trying to carefully remove the batteries one by one, i see a minor sparking. I just paused for a second and put the battery back in its spot. It was a little stuck in there. This whole situation reminded me of the Jai Haze's review of the rebel squonk line. I had a feeling that the battery wraps have been caught up in those sockets (or whatever those are called). I tried to carefully remove it again and it sparked again. Anyway, after a little hassle and couple of minutes later i successfully removed the drained pair of vtc5a's from the mod. On inspection, its obvious that the wraps have been damaged and the socket has a burnt edge. I feel lucky to have survived another day. We read and hear about the battery explosions every other day. Its just something, not one of us want to happen. This post is not to malign anybody, but its just a little heads up for the current and future owners of rebel vape's mods. When you spend £220 on a mod which is proudly marketed as made in and tested in the UK, you just dont expect a company to send you a half-assed mod. battery door issue is still there with a visible gap but thats something i could have lived with BUT this whole battery situation is a little too unsafe for everyday use. I will be contacting the guys at rebel vape and see what they have to say about this whole situation. I wont be using it now and would request you peeps to be a bit careful with yours.

Take a look at these photos I've uploaded just so you guys have a better understanding what I'm saying.

Imgur: Rebel vape DNA167 dual 18650 squonker. Disaster waiting to happen

Sorry, i dont know how to attach photos with a reddit post.


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