【vandyvape official declaration】about kylin mini RTA

This is the Joint Declaration by Vandy Vape and Mr. Andrei u/cap2666

Recently, there was a misunderstanding between Vandy Vape and Mr. Andrei about the Kylin Mini RTA airflow system.


Vandy Vape has explained and showed the good evidence that Kylin Mini U shape honeycomb airflow system was designed before Mr. Andrei provided his U shape airflow idea to Vandy Vape. Mr. Andrei provided his U shape airflow idea on Oct. 19th of 2017, however, the Kylin Mini RTA first iteration design was already finished with the U shape honeycomb system on September 12th of 2017. This misunderstanding is because that Vand Vape could not show the Kylin Mini RTA design to Mr. Andrei at the time he introduced his idea to Vandy Vape due to the company confidential.

Vandy Vape really appreciate that Mr. Andrei shared his great idea and always is willing to make the vaping better.

Now, we are pleased to state that we clearly understand each other, and everything is good between us. We will continue our friendship and seeking the new opportunity to help the vaping community together.

Andrei and Stefen


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Vaporesso NRG SE tank muted flavor?


I'm using the swag kit with the included gt2 coil but I'm getting a very weak flavor and I'm not sure if it's the tank or coil. I've tried poking holes in the cotton and that helped with wicking and eliminating dry hits but the flavor remains minimal. I'm running at 45w high vw. Tried going up and down on wattage and normal/soft mode, really nothing changed flavor wise. I know it's not the <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice because I tried it on my smok pen and it tasted fine.

Anyone got some experience with this tank and/or coil?

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Noob question about ohms/Watts

I recently purchased my first vape, voopoo drag resin. It has the valyrian sub ohm tank. On the tank it says 0.15ohms, but on my mod it says 0.14ohms. The tank also says 95-120w, so I run the mod at 95w. I have 2 of the Samsung INR18650-25R batteries. just want to know if this is a safe condition to be vaping under, and how to know if I'm creating a ticking time bomb?

I've done a fair bit of reading on how Ohms work, but most of it just looks like a different language to a noob like me. Any info helps!

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Foggy Memories my coil master Ray rta Review

Hello again my ECR family. I have returned with yet another Foggy Memory for you all. Today we are gonna be going over the Coil Master Ray Rta. It's kind of a connected to last week's Elfy Rta review because they were both sent by Coil Master for the purpose of this review. That won't change my opinion of the Ray rta but spoiler alert, I highly recommend the Elfy Rta if your looking for a single coil tank.

An RTA is the answer to the problem of buying coils for your subohm tank over and over again and having some burn out in only days. Eventually, some vapors get fed up with buying these coils and decide to take matters into thier own hands. After a initial investment for wire and cotton, rewicking your coils costs pennies compared to $5 or so for a pre made coil. It's also freedom to try different types of coils and adjust an rta to your style of vaping. Here is the rta that got me started with tanks. That's old school right there. This Ray Rta is the type of item to get into the world of rebuilding. Let's take a close look at this bad boy.

Packaging and Contents

What we have here is a small rectangle box with a picture of Ray rta on the front, little Branding on the side, and a contents list on the back. The top slides off to reveal a Ray rta, and accessories, including extra glass, o-rings and grub screws, two nice clapton coils , cotton, a manual and authentication paper.

Drip tip and Cap

The top cap and drip tip look pretty normal but it's a little different. It appears to have more threads than most tanks and more o-rings. Seems like as soon as you begin to thread the cap on, it's already sealed by o-rings. I'm not sure if that helps with leaks but it feels well made. The cap has a built in o-ring like an 810 drip tip would fit and the drip tip has no o-rings, so seems like 810 drip tips would work but mine are too loose. It's like a tenth of a millimeter to large for a 810 drip tip. It's not listed as 810 compatible but just looking at it, you would think it would work. I love my drip tip collection so that let me down. The stock drip tip is thick delinquent and is comfortable so you don't really need to change it but I like to match my tips to my mods. Fill ports are massive and makes refilling a breeze.

Build Deck

The build deck is classic two post 4 hole situation or Velocity deck. The posts are thick and holes for your coil leads are massive. I think any vapable coil you could make would fit in these holes. The deck is also raised a little from the base and I believe helps the tank to not leak. To take advantage of these massive holes I installed some huge 24g core claptons to try this tank out. They went in with ease when installing and lined up right above the airflow. I also couldn't resist trying out the included coils because they are so thin and have so much surface space. They needed much less wattage than my homemade monster claptons. These were also easy install. The old velocity deck deserves its reputation as the easiest build deck. My wicking isn't beautiful here, I kinda did the bonzi tree technique and trimmed them until they worked. I was amazed at how easy it was to get it wicked and vaping. The bottom of the wicking channels are a little tighter than expected but didn't cause try hits, just a little extra trimming was necessary once I screwed the top on and looked at it. Since we are down here the bottom has the same gold, copper color as the ring at the bottom of the tank section.


I've been using square Japanese cotton pads since I started rebuilding. I haven't used products like cotton bacon because those bags of squares last forever. Coil Master sent me some of thier Pro Cotton so I figured I'd give it a try. It was easy to use and had no break in period. It just worked great right out of the gate. I'm impressed and I'm gonna use all this Pro cotton before I go back to my squares.


This tank has great flavor, cloud production and wicking wasn't hard. I figured I'd have a little dry hitting after the first wick job but continued anyways just to test it and it worked just fine. Mine hasn't leaked on me at all. Maybe it's the raised deck or maybe tight wick port opening, I don't know. Flavor was great and not hard to achieve. Some people have reporting of a slight whistle. I only had that if the airflow was closed off more than 70% and it was slight. I don't think anyone would vape it that closed up anyways. It did get a bit warm with my 24g fused clapton coil but that's a lot of metal and I was running it at 125 watts. The included coils on the other hand had the tank nice and cool at 60 watts. Refilling will be happen kinda frequently with the 2ml capacity. Personally I like shorter tanks and always have a unicorn bottle with me so, I don't mind.


After using this as my daily driver for a week, the Ray has really grown on me. If your needing a shorty dual coil Rta or flavor rta or just like rebuildable tanks, this is a good option. Build deck and wicking are simple and flavor and vapor are great. I usually use single coil tanks and this actually felt a lot like hitting a dripper to me. Just massive, dense hits rolling out of this tank. Especially for $26, it's a great tank if your looking for dual coil tank. I also like that coil master included those nice clapton coils and cotton with it. A person new to rebuildables could find that very helpful for getting started. After using this thing for a week my biggest complaint is that it's not 810 drip tip compatible when it appears that it should be.

Thanks to everyone for reading, I appreciate it and a big thanks to Coil Master for providing the item for us to discuss today. I'll be back soon with more Foggy Memories but you can also keep up with me on Facebook or Twitter. I hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl and be safe!

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Happy Super Bowl Sunday /r/ECR! Innokin here to celebrate with a [GIVEAWAY]! Come on in for a chance to win a BigBox Atlas & more!

Hey there /r/ECR! Hope you're having a relaxing and safe Sunday so far! Who's excited to watch the game? Your favorite team could win, and so can you!

Up for grabs:

1 Grand Prize Winner will get their very own BigBox Atlas!

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The BigBox Atlas is Innokin's highest wattage offering yet! Coming in at 200W of power, full temperature control features, dual 18650 battery configuration, and a compact size, it's sure to please any vaping enthusiast. It offers a light-weight full resin body with an attractive honeycomb pattern, and comes with a matching resin 810 drip tip for your atomizer of choice!

How to Enter:

To enter, tell us what team you're rooting for to win the Super Bowl- The Eagles or the Patriots! Go Patriots!

Football not really your thing? Then just let us know what you'll be vaping with this evening to enter!

If you aren’t a member yet then please visit CASAA. They are a fantastic group of people who really fight for the future of vaping in America. Give them a look 🙂

Giving us a like on our Facebook page would be much appreciated, but is not necessary to enter.

Giveaway Rules:

You must be 18 years or older to enter.

United States winners only. Sorry to our global fans 🙁

Winners must provide a picture of them with their winnings to me (PM pics to /u/Innokin_Joseph – if you're shy, a simple thumbs up shot/handcheck with your shiny new winnings will suffice). Winners have 15 days to respond and contact me to claim their prize.

*Winners must also be willing to provide Innokin with a fee via PayPal to receive their prize. As much as we'd love to be able to give away our products with no strings attached, the FDA requires a fee for any "prize". We set the coupon cost at the lowest limit that the Innokin attorneys have advised is possible. The maximum discount coupon is fantastic and you are going to love these prizes!

The winners will be randomly selected via the ECR giveaway app. This giveaway will end Wednesday, February 7th at 8PM EST, and the winners will be announced and contacted shortly afterwards. Please note that due to the upcoming Chinese New Year, it's possible for a delay in prize delivery. Thank you /r/ECR! Good luck and have a great time watching the game!

One last thing to note-

Interested in reviewing Innokin products? We're looking to add some diversity to our group of worldwide reviewers. Contact me (/u/Innokin_Joseph) or /u/Innokin_Paul with your location, fanbase/subscribers, and some of your prior work and we'll talk things over!

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