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Today I’m going to be reviewing the Ray RTA by Coil Master. Disclaimer: I was provided this product for the purpose of this review by Coil Master.


The Ray RTA is the second atty that I’ve tested from Coil Master. While the Elfy was a good all-rounder, the Ray is designed with DTL in mind. It can handle much larger coils with ease and its dual coil to boot. It additionally uses the new RTA wicking design that’s recently come out which makes the process less frustrating and results in lower likelihood for leakage.

The Ray is a 24mm compact RTA that utilizes a velocity-style deck for dual coil only use.


  • Size: 34mm x 24mm

  • Capacity: 2 ml

  • Material: 304 stainless steel

  • Colors: Black and Stainless Steel


  • Ray RTA

  • Spare parts – o-rings, hex grub screws, glass tank

  • 2x SS fused clapton coils (3mm ID) & cotton

  • L-Shape hex tool

  • Ray RTA user manual


While the compactness of the Ray is great the 2ml capacity is a little bit underwhelming. Considering that the Ray can handle some large builds, you may be refilling more than you’d like. However, that’s the trade off to make it more pocketable. The velocity-style deck has nothing different to it than in other attys but the deck removes the wick channels in favor of just open groves on the sides of the deck. I personally prefer this over the channel method as it makes wicking a cinch and removes any possibility of choking the wicks. The fill design is fairly standard as well and easily caters to both plastic bottles and droppers.

The top cap is slightly domed to help with flavor production and the Ray is 810 drip tip compatible. Like the Elfy, the build quality looks great and I did not notice any major issues during my inspection and during my several weeks of use. Unlike the Elfy, I had zero issues with the grub screws in the Ray (which leads me to think that the one in the Elfy was just a bad apple of the bunch). I only wish that it came with an adapter for 510 drip tips and a plug for single coil use.


With a velocity-style deck, installing coils and removing the excess legs is a snap and makes it good for beginner vapers that have recently started into rebuildables. Once the coils are in place and above the airflow channels, it’s time to wick. As stated before, the Ray’s design is very forgiving to wicks and the process is just as simple as installing the coils. When measuring where to cut, just tuck it down the side and cut it right above the point where the wick touches the bottom of the deck. When the wicks are ready, I found it easier (especially with larger wicks like Scottish roll) to prime them so that they keep their overall shape better when the top is screwed on.

Throughout the couple weeks of testing and different builds I have come to several conclusions that everyone should be aware of before purchasing:

  1. Coil-size – Everything from a 24g parallel build to a 28gx3+36g fused Clapton worked nicely. However, when building at a 2.5mm ID expect to severely close off the airflow and anything smaller will be too airy for good flavor. Note that a 2.5mm ID beefy exotic coil will not need to have the airflow as restricted. 3mm ID was the sweep spot for almost every build I installed but some of the smaller builds (24g or clapton coils) did well at 3.5mm ID. Any of the larger coils at 3.5mm caused issues with keeping it centered with the airflow and not touching the inside of the cap causing it to short.

  2. Type – a majority of my builds were SS316L however I did make a few A1 coils to see how the Ray handled high watt vaping. With my fused clapton A1 builds around 100w, I was getting some uncomfortably warm hits that I should. At 115+w it was very noticeable and very unpleasant. While velocity style decks are easy to build on they just take up so much space and the amount of metal in the deck causes it to heat up easier than in an open, postless deck. However, the same fused clapton in SS316L worked just fine at 75w and gave great flavor. I would suggest the wattage sweet spot for the Ray to be between 60-85w.


Personally, my sweet spot is around 75-80w and enjoy a mildly warm vape so the Ray RTA is right up my alley. Around this wattage, the taste was spot on and very flavorful in general. Plus, IMO, the wicking design is the best thing to be incorporated into RTAs in the past year or so. Late 2016 I got into squonking and that pretty much put the nail in the coffin for RTAs in my book, but even before that point I was slowly getting less and less interested in them mainly because I disliked the older wicking designs (hence why I love RDTAs so much). I’ve seen this design in other RTAs and I hope that it becomes a standard for them in the years to come.

While the velocity-style deck is easy to work with, in an RTA it can cause issues with high wattage builds and the Ray is no exception. The 810 drip tip does help out some but it’s not enough when you approach 110w. I actually really like the compact design on the Ray though and while it comes with a 2ml max capacity I feel that it is a fair trade but would wish that it came with the option for a larger glass tank


  • Great flavor

  • 810 drip tip compatible

  • Spare parts included

  • Minor– Compact/stubby design


  • No plug for single coil builds

  • No 510 drip tip adapter

  • No larger capacity option


I give the Ray RTA two thumbs up. It’s in my wattage sweet spot, wicking in it is very forgiving, and the flavor is mmm-hmm good. It you prefer the medium-high wattage range and RTAs, I would highly recommend the Ray. Overall, for $25USD it is worth the look.

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Let me know if there is additional information that you would like to see and/or your thoughts on the product and the review. Thanks for reading!

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