Yearly vape spending – Eye opening for me!

I've spent over $2,800 on vaping this year and that number is mind-boggling to me. It's actually been slightly more expensive than smoking. Having said that I suspect that I've got all my bases covered and I expect next year's spend to drop dramatically.

I quit smoking and started vaping last January 15th (one more day to go!!!) so I have a year long trend of expenses to share. If I had found this sub before I began my journey I think I'd have spent a fraction of what I ended up spending, but alas…

Purchases- I didn't break down anything beyond the overarching "Vaping to Replace Smoking" category.

mods- Smoant Battlestar, Dani 25, Spectrum Kaos, Smok TC80, Vapresso Target (6 mods? WTH)

Tanks- Siren2, Kayfun Prime (on the way) and clone to see if I'd like it, Berserker, Tobecco Super-Mini, Vapresso Guardian, Big Baby Beast, Baby Beast, Nautilus (9 tanks what is wrong with me!)

Batteries – 4 18650's, 2 20700's, also a Nitor new i2 charger.

Coil heads- Probably bought a grand total of 10 5 packs of coils between those tanks above that use the disposable coils.

<a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juices- Countless… mostly bad, a few good, but I spent a lot here. I've probably got enough crappy <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice to last an entire year just with my store bought <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juices. Ugh!!!!

diy– Wire (SS and Kanthal), muji cotton, nic, tons of bottles, PG/VG, flavors, digital scale, syringes, gloves, funnels, tool kit, tobacco, mason jars, aeropress and filters.

Of all these, the only purchases that I'm really happy with are the Battlestar, Dani, Siren2 and the diy gear. I'm curious if anyone else tracked their spending for year 1 vs subsequent and did notice a substantial savings vs what you used to spend on smokes.

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Boaz RDA by Advanced Vape Supply – First Impression

Hi everyone,

This is going to be a quick write-up of my first impressions of the Boaz RDA from Advanced Vape Supply. I was lucky enough to be given one to try out, and I'm enjoying it so much that I very well might buy a second one to put on another mod (which is saying something, as I usually don't buy any vape gear I've already owned once).

I ordered some of the framed staples from AVS and they arrived at the same time. Installing them in the Boaz was easy as there is plenty of room. I don't have anything to measure the dimensions with but it felt like I had just as much room to work with as I have had in my DR or Goon 1.5 clone. The build deck is super easy to use, which makes sense as it is a very common velocity style setup.

The RDA is 24mm but a noticeable amount shorter than my Dead Rabbit. According to what I've read, the reason these are shorter is to reduce the chamber size a bit to increase the flavor (I'd say that this does indeed work). The sides of the bottom of the RDA seem to go up fairy high, and that creates a nice <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice pool for dripping or squonking.

The airflow on the Boaz is shaped much like the goon 1.5. I used to run my Goon with the airflow closed a little bit, but the Boaz is less airy naturally so I have been running it wide-open. I feel like I'm getting a much denser vapor cloud with this RDA compared to the Goon though, and I chalk that up to the lack of wasted space inside of the atomizer itself.

I'm using the Boaz with the staples on my driptech DS clone and it's working great. The squonk pin is raised slightly with its holes on the sides, so <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice is pushed out towards your wicks. Since the RDA is a bit shorter than i'm used to I did over squonk a few times, but once I got used to it there was no problem at all.

My honest opinion is that this is a great RDA. Mine is jet black and minimalist looking, and it looks great on my collection of black mods. The flavor is great, it's easy to build on, and there's quite a bit of room in the deck. To anyone that has ordered one, I think you're going to be very happy with it.

P.S. All of my Goon sized drip tips fit this, except for the one I've got that has o-rings on it, that one kept popping out. I tried the resin tip from my Dead Rabbit and it fit perfectly.

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Sudden vape explode. Any ideas what caused ?

Hello everyone,

First of all let me start by saying that I have about 4 years of vaping experience ranging from regulated mods to single and dual parallel mech mod vaping.

I know my ohms law in and out. I am only using authentic VTC5a’s or VTC6 for my regulated devices.

Yesterday, I decided to buy a Vaperosso Swag mod to use with my Berserker Mini MTL and i used it all night and this morning without any issues. However when it was on the table, i heard an explosion sound and it caught fire. I quickly put it off and thought it was the battery who exploded but after carefully investigating the device I’ve realised that the battery and the battery tray of the mod is perfectly fine. It has no sign of any burning around these places but the bottom has melt down.

I am out of ideas what has caused this and I was wondering if you guys have any other ideas ?

I will take it to the shop which I bought it this week as I am sure that it is not a user fault this time.

Tl;dr: mod exploded but the battery or the battery tray has no sign of burning. What can be the cause of it ?

Edit: spelling

Edit 2: i will upload clear images as soon as possible

Edit 3: images ->

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Australia: This Pro-Vape Article is picked up By Many Media Sites (From the outside, it looks like public opinion is moving towards legalization of nic in vapes)

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StabWood Mod for £24.99 in UK

Picked up a beauty this week for £25 on eBay

<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>…hash=item33df58f1b3:m:mFHqtyXqquE0Wnnif1wQpdw

Rotating between this and the GeekVape Aegis (which I have to admit drains battery a bit quicker than the Evaya so the Evaya is getting more use)

also bought a fatboy glass for my big baby which is looking sweet, the stab wood colour doesn't match my tip so I will be…

<a href="”>StabWood mod for £24.99 in UK