Mooch doesn’t do pulse testing? Hmm…

"Mooch's tests and ratings don't matter because we pulse our batteries and he only does continuous current testing. He doesn't do pulse testing".

This seems to be popping up more lately so I wanted to mention a few things to those who feel this way:

  • I've been pulse testing, up to 70A for the better batteries, for about two years now. Rewraps aren't pulse tested as that is a waste of time. But the battery they wrap is pulse tested and those results can be used. Check my test reports for the pulse discharge graphs.

  • The continuous current rating is very important for vapers. It sets a good limit to recommend to new vapers and allows us to easily determine if a battery is worth learning more about. What's the first thing we ask about any new battery? What is its continuous rating and its capacity rating. 🙂 It's a great way to quickly determine if the battery is worth try out or learning more about.

  • Continuous current testing is critical for setting vaping safety limits too. My MVA limit, Maximum Vaping Amps, tells you how hard you can run a battery when vaping but still have a bit of a safety margin in case of a mod malfunction or accidental button press that discharges the battery continuously. Only continuous current testing can determine this limit.

  • Lastly, it's just not true that what we call a continuous discharge, one long run until the battery is empty, is any different than the pulsing we do when vaping. For our batteries any pulse over a few milliseconds long is the same thing as discharging continuously. A 3 second pulse is no different internally than a 3 minute or 30 minute discharge. The battery voltage and temperature changes but that's it, the battery still does the same thing inside. The best performing batteries in testing using a long continuous discharge will almost always be the best batteries in testing using pulses typical of vaping.

  • Pulse testing is great for demonstrating voltage sag and to get an idea of what temperatures we might hit when vaping. This is why I do pulse testing. But it's not needed to determine which batteries are better than others for vaping.

  • I don't set pulse ratings though. They are useless unless everyone uses the same pulse length, time between pulses, and the same criteria to set the rating (vaping time? temperature? voltage sag? combination of those?). I just haven't found a good combination of criteria that works for most situations and is still relatively safe. My MVA limit already does that though. It allows for decent overall battery life and a bit of a safety margin. Can you go above that? Of course! Just understand the risks. Each of us can then choose how far we want to go.

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Sanyo 20700’s

Anyone know where to find any ncr20700a's or vapcell gold 20700's(rewrapped sanyo's)? Or am I SOL? What's the next best 20700?

Sorry to sound noobish but well, I am a noob to mech <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>mods.

P.S. if this isn't the proper place to post this feel free to move it appropriately.